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The names of the Omani writer Saud Al-Zadjali and his fellow activist Ghaith Al-Shibli topped the search engines and communication sites in the Sultanate of Oman, and recent statements by them sparked widespread controversy among Omanis.

Saud Al-Zadjali and Ghaith Al-Shibli

On the Twitter network, Omani activists said that the Omani authorities had arrested blogger Ghaith Al-Shibli, who was accused by some of promoting atheism in the name of freedom of expression.

Through his account, which is followed on Twitter by more than seven thousand Prime Time Zone, Ghaith puts the tenth verse of Surat Al-Jinn, “And we do not know what is worse.

It also indicates that the account is “+18” and that it is a “target character.”

While activists, through the hashtag “#Freedom_Ghaith_Shibli”, demanded the release of Ghaith, saying that “silencing mouths does not create a future”, others thanked the security authorities in the country for arresting him for insulting religion.

Ghaith’s last activity was on his account on Thursday, July 22, according to Watan.

This activist, on Twitter, Rashid Saeedi, pointed out that “Ghaith is a young man who lost his wife and was psychologically affected by this. He has children who lost their mother months ago, so is it possible that they also lose their father?!” Ghaith needs advice and guidance, not arrest! You have to ask yourselves who made #Ghaith_spaces famous!”.

He also stressed that “the religious and humanitarian duty obliges us to sympathize with Ghaith Al-Shibli and to appeal for his release.”

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On the other hand, many Omanis affirmed that Ghaith “deserves punishment according to the law” for insulting the divine, as they described it.

Saud Al Zadjali

Many Omanis participated in the hashtag “Saud Al-Zadjali trial”, in which activists were divided between an attacker of Saud accusing him of promoting atheism and a defender of him and that he discussed a specific thought and did not offend religion.

This comes after Saud Al-Zadjali participated in an audio dialogue about a book by the Mufti of Oman, Sheikh Ahmed bin Hamad Al-Khalili entitled “The Death of Atheism”, where activists, including Al-Zadjali, held a session to criticize the book under the title (The Trial of Al-Khalili’s Book, the Death of Atheism).

Nasser Al-Saadi sympathized with Saud Al-Zadjali and wrote: “Begging for power in intellectual disputes is one of the signs of weakness and impotence, and the consequences of this in the long run are dire.”

He continued, explaining: “Any dispute of opinion and thought with Saud or non-Saud must be settled in the arenas of discussion and dialogue, not in the corridors of the courts.”

While Abdul-Moneim al-Kharusi stressed the need to prosecute al-Zadjali and said: “The trial of Saud al-Zadjali and the rest of the group that calls for challenging the religion and justifies it with trivial and scandalous justifications is the demand of every free and honorable person in this dear country.”

He explained: “It is upon us and every Muslim who is dear to him that his country should be desecrated by disbelief in God, insulting his religion and His Messenger, peace be upon him, and mocking his law and Muslims.”

Ahmed Al-Maamari wrote: “The firm orders and prohibitions of God and His Messenger Muhammad, may God bless him and grant him peace; It does not require rationality; it requires implementation without why?! If military orders are implemented first without discussion! How is God’s command!!! We wish to strike with an iron hand and without mercy in the religion of God an example for those who approach God’s fever with sarcasm! There is no freedom in that.”

Youssef bin Ahmed Al-Kharousi defended him: “Dr. Saud cannot say anything about his belief and belief. We disagree with him in style, method and methodology, and everyone has his conviction, but his respect and appreciation remains for him.”

For his part, Hamza bin Zaher Al-Rustaqi stressed that “we must all understand that we are Muslims and in a Muslim country we have our principles, our principles, and our religious values. Jealousy over them is an innate matter, and one who has an iota of faith does not accept even a word that is touched, let alone questioning it or advocating its opposite. The Prime Time Zone The Omani is a free Muslim Prime Time Zone.

The book “The Death of Atheism” by the Grand Mufti of the Sultanate of Oman, Ahmed Al-Khalili

The book “The Death of Atheism” by the Grand Mufti of the Sultanate of Oman, Sheikh Ahmed Al-Khalili, was widely accepted by the Omanis, despite the smear campaign launched by some against the Mufti Al-Khalili.

The pioneers of social networking sites launched the hashtag “the death of atheism”, in response to the attack on Sheikh Al-Khalili and the attempts to distort him, as the hashtag topped the trend in a number of Arab Gulf countries.

The pioneers of social networking sites and activists used quotes from Sheikh Al-Khalili’s book to emphasize the importance of the book, and the distinction of the Omani scholar in jurisprudence and religion.

The death of atheism and an uprising on the communication sites

Earlier, Omani activists on the Twitter network launched a broad campaign of solidarity with the Grand Mufti of the Sultanate of Oman, Sheikh Ahmed Al-Khalili, after some insulted and abused him because of his book “The Death of Atheism”, which demolished and destroyed the ideas of atheism.

Through the hashtags “# We are all Sheikh Ahmed Al Khalili”, “#We_have_to_say_something” and “#Death of atheism”, the Omanis rose up and defended the Mufti of the Sultanate of Oman against his attackers and those who afflicted him.

It is clear from the label that the campaign of solidarity with Sheikh Al-Khalili began after circulating the details of a session of some activists on the Club House application in which they attacked the Mufti of the Sultanate under the title (The trial of Ahmed Al-Khalili because of the book The Death of Atheism).

The book “The Death of Atheism” by Ahmed Al-Khalili

In December of the year 2019, he launched the book (The Death of Atheism with Proofs of Faith) by Sheikh Ahmed bin Hamad Al Khalili, the Grand Mufti of the Sultanate of Oman.

The book is in two volumes, and Al-Khalili issued it with thanks and gratitude, then an introduction, then a preface in the hands of the book. The first volume is more than 635 pages, and contains two chapters, and in each chapter there are chapters and investigations.

The second volume is more than 600 pages, and contains three chapters, and in each chapter chapters and investigations, the Sheikh referred to more than 260 various references.

Among the chapters covered by the author (in strengthening faith in the unseen and explaining its necessity in Prime Time Zone’s lives, and in the proofs that are in the creation of man, and in the proofs that are in the creation of animals, in the proofs included in biochemistry.)

(And in the proofs that are in the horizons, and in the proofs that are in the creation of the atom, and in the impossibility of chance being the basis of the existence of the universe, and in the suspicions of atheists).

And from what Sheikh Al-Khalili said in his conclusion, which amounted to 20 pages of the book: God Almighty pleased him, as I collected it in a record period of time, as it did not exceed one year.

And he also said in it: This year, travels and illnesses have prevented me from continuing this work, but it is the kindness of God Almighty who has made it easy for me.

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