Ghanem Al-Dossary reveals the Saudi intelligence attempt to lure and kill him under the umbrella of a human rights organization | A nation is tweeting out of tune


The prominent Saudi dissident, Ghanem Al-Dossari, revealed an assassination attempt that almost destroyed him, by Saudi intelligence, two months before the assassination and cutting of journalist and writer Jamal Khashoggi in his country’s consulate in Istanbul in 2018.

Ghanem Al-Dossary reveals the details

Al-Dossary published tweets on his personal account on Twitter, in which he revealed what he was trying to lure under the umbrella of a human rights organization.

It turned out later that it was a fake institution, and that Saudi intelligence was playing a game to lure him and then kill him, similar to what happened with Khashoggi.

Al-Dossary said in his tweets that sparked a wave of controversy and was monitored by “Watan” that Saudi intelligence used a human rights organization. To draw and kill him two months before Killed Khashoggi.

Ghanem Al-Dossary continued in his tweet: “Two members of the organization disagreed with each other over the amount of 280 thousand.

He continued, explaining: “One of them called me and told me that all the human rights projects are a lie and that those behind them are a Saudi intelligence officer and the goal is to kill me. I recorded the call and left them. ”

Ghanem Al-Dossari continued in a tweet on the same topic, that “after two months, Khashoggi was dismembered, and the first target was me.”

He added, “After that, an investigator took over the task of investigating the organization and its members, and it turned out to be a fake organization driven by Saudi intelligence money.”

Al-Dossary said, “Those who called me and told me that Saudi Arabia were behind them tried to deny them, and after being reminded of the call, he confessed.”

Many tweeters and activists interacted with Al-Dossari’s tweets about the attempt to kill him by Saudi intelligence.

Angry reactions

The tweeters made comments in solidarity with the man, wishing him continued health and wellness, away from the fangs of Bin Salman and his men.

One of the tweeters said, commenting on the topic: “It is nice to publish such news, and it is more beautiful to publish it in the international press, and thank God for your safety.”

As for another tweet, he commented on Al-Dossari, supporting him: “Even if they kill you, there are thousands of Ghanem, and we will not be silent about the oppression of the oppressive and authoritarian family, may God protect you.”

Jamal Khashoggi

On the latest developments in the case of the Saudi journalist who was cut short by the intelligence services of Bin Salman in Istanbul in 2018, a Turkish court came to the court. On the fourth of March, a move analysts considered a courtesy of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. As a prelude to close reconciliation with Saudi Arabia, where its decisions are attached to the Khashoggi case file.

In this context, Turkish media reported that a Turkish court is trying in absentia 26 Saudis suspected of involvement in the killing of Jamal Khashoggi. She refused to include the intelligence report issued by America recently and confirming that the Saudi crown prince “authorized” the operation, to the investigation file in the case.

Khashoggi’s fiancée demanded to include the report

In the details, Khashoggi’s Turkish fiancé, Hatice Cengiz, demanded in the third session of this absentee trial that is taking place in Istanbul. Including this report in the case file, according to an AFP journalist.

However, the president of the court rejected this request on the grounds that the report “will not benefit the court in anything.”

At the same time, he confirmed that “Genghis” can renew its request to the public prosecutor responsible for the case.

After the hearing, Genghis said that the US report “places direct responsibility on the crown prince. Therefore, we want the court to take it into account. ”

For his part, the representative of the non-governmental organization “Reporters Without Borders” in Turkey, “Erol Onderoglu”, who attended the session, said. “If the American report was added to the case, it could provide new data in the pursuit of justice.”

He deplored the court’s decision: “But we can say that the court took a somewhat negative attitude.”

To that, the court heard in the session that was held, at that time, two witnesses, a Turkish driver and a security guard working in the Saudi consulate.

The driver, Adib Yilmaz, said that on the day of the crime, the consulate security official locked him in a room with his colleagues and prevented them from leaving until he told them to do so.

“It gave me the impression that something abnormal was happening,” he added.

It is noteworthy that relations between Ankara and Riyadh had deteriorated greatly after the murder.

But Turkey, which is seeking to calm its relations with Saudi Arabia, declined to comment on the US report.

US President “Joe Biden” declassified an intelligence report that concluded that the Saudi crown prince “authorized” the killing of “Khashoggi” in 2018.

The report confirmed that 15 Prime Time Zone were dispatched to target “Khashoggi” in Turkey.

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