Gigi Hadid deceives her followers with her nude photos and the “zoom” trap! (watched) | A homeland tweeting outside the flock


American model, of Palestinian origin, Gigi Hadid, sparked controversy among her Arab fans, after she published bold underwater pictures.

(Is she naked?)

In the pictures, Gigi Hadid looked completely naked in the pool.

Gigi commented on the photos, saying: (A little August).

Gigi Hadid

And Gigi’s followers thought that she was really naked, so he came in the comments: (Why isn’t she wearing?), and another replied, saying: (Except in beige, look at her shoulder).

He attacked the last of Gigi’s boldness and wrote: (God willing, please see the picture.

Another revealed that he had zoomed in on the photo and wrote: (After repeating the zoom 19 times, I discovered that she was wearing it).

Another considered that the picture was camouflaged in general, and Gigi, whose account is followed by more than 68 million Prime Time Zone, deliberately deceived them and appeared as if she was naked, and wrote: (Deliberate camouflaging movements).

Another mocked those who tried to check her picture and wrote: (Those who went to check were trying to see her chest with water, then she came out wearing a beige underwear, sorry for you).

Gigi Hadid prays for Afghanistan

Earlier, Gigi Hadid expressed her concern about the political situation in Afghanistan, after the Taliban movement seized power there.

At the time, Gigi re-published a tweet by activist Amanda Gorman, through her account on (Facebook), which stated: (While Afghanistan suffers, America must take a long look at how to protect them and provide treatment).

Gigi Hadid

The activist continued: (We must welcome the refugees and become the country that absorbs the tired, the poor, and the Prime Time Zone who yearn for freedom).

(destructive situation)

And Gigi republished this tweet through her account without any comment.

While her sister, Bella Hadid, posted a story on her Instagram account, a video clip spread from Kabul airport, where men, women and children run crazily.

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Bella Hadid commented on the clip: (This video is very devastating to watch as I pray for Afghanistan. Men, children and women suffer there, with God’s protection).

Bella Hadid

A public appeal from Gigi to (blur) the features of her child

In another context, Gigi Hadid made a public appeal about a month ago about her daughter Khai, who gave birth to her from her boyfriend, singer Zain Malik.

Gigi published an open letter via the (Al-Astori) feature on her Instagram account, requesting that the privacy of her 9-month-old daughter be respected.

The model sent her message to all photographers, the press and her fan accounts, and appealed to them to (obliterate) her child’s face and disturb her features on any image that might spread to her.

(we can’t protect her)

Gigi’s letter reads: “When our child grows up, we must realize that we cannot protect her from everything the way we wanted, and that we can protect her when she was younger.”

“She loves seeing the world, even though she gets a lot of it near our farm, and she also gets to experience other places, which is a real blessing,” she continued.

Gigi and Zayn Malik expressed her concern that some journalists would invade the privacy of their child, especially after the model began to raise the protective cover for her child’s face from the sun in her stroller, which fully shows her features.

And Gigi continued in her message: (You know that we have never intentionally shared our daughter’s face on social media, so please erase her face from the photos if they were taken with the cameras lenses).

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In the end of her letter, Gigi Hadid thanked the photographers, whom she described as “very respectful”, when they respected her desire to keep their distance while she was walking with her baby Khai in the stroller on her first visit to New York City in America.

First Mother’s Day

And last May, Gigi Hadid celebrated her first Mother’s Day, and Hadid shared several photos of her with her daughter (Khai) from different occasions.

Gigi attached the photos she posted on her Instagram account, with a message saying: (The rumors are true, she is my best friend, my goal in life, my inspiration, my greatest pride and happiness, I feel very lucky and inspired to be your mother, Khai, she is an old soul full of sunshine Light up everyone’s days. Thanks thanks thanks).

In September 2020, Gigi Hadid gave birth to her first child from her boyfriend, singer Zayn Malik, and posted a photo on Instagram, with the father holding his daughter’s hand, commenting: (Our daughter joined our planet this weekend and changed our world).

Zayn Malik also posted a picture of his daughter and wrote: (Baby and Gigi are in good health, and the love I feel for this little creature is beyond my comprehension).

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