Gold prices fell … and 21 karat records 765 pounds


Gold prices witnessed a slight decline in the local market during trading on Tuesday, in light of a slight increase in the ounce on the global stock exchange, due to the decline in US Treasury bond yields, along with investors’ anticipation of the results of the US Federal Reserve meeting.

Lotfi Muneeb, deputy head of the gold division at the Chamber of Commerce in Alexandria, said that gold prices witnessed a decline by about one pound in the local market, to record 21 gauge at 765 pounds, with a slight increase in prices on the international stock exchange to reach the level of 1732 dollars.

He added to the “Stock Exchange”, that a gram of 24-carat gold recorded 874 pounds, and 18 karat records 656 pounds, and the price of a pound of gold was 6120 pounds.

The article, the decline in gold prices … and 21 gauge, recording 765 pounds, was written in the Al-Borsa newspaper.