“Government services” will complete the plan to automate their dealings within two weeks


The Government Services Authority of the Ministry of Finance will finalize a plan to automate its transactions within two weeks, in a manner consistent with the global practices of government contracting.

Government sources said that after completing a general concept of the mechanization operations, a specialized technology company will be selected to implement it in the coming months.

The sources added that the aim of the mechanization process is to count the untapped assets of the ministries, agencies and devices that enter the authority’s work points within the state’s general plan for inventorying assets.

The sources explained that the mechanization plan aims to establish a bidding system based on deepening the principles of transparency, in addition to another procurement system aimed at creating greater opportunities for competition and accuracy in government procurement processes in accordance with international specifications.

The sources added that this approach comes within the framework of implementing a new law on government contracts to create good management for all government items.

The economic reform program that Egypt signed with the International Monetary Fund included drafting a new government contracting law in place of the Tenders and Auctions Law, which was implemented with the approval of Law 182 of 2018 for government contracts, which depends on establishing principles of transparency, freedom of competition, equality and equal opportunities, and establishing an electronic platform for government procurement. .

The law includes a set of articles based on the provisions for controlling public funds by subjecting the law to the public authorities that are included in the general budget, funds and private accounts, in order to give more governance in contracting procedures, control public spending, and the creation of a mechanism that enables administrative agencies to rent movables instead of buying them according to economic feasibility He also introduced advanced contracting methods, including the two-stage bidding method, and contracting through framework agreements, as well as new procedures for contracting consultancy studies to be through limited tender and the evaluation is in the points system.

The article “Government Services” completes a plan to automate its dealings within two weeks, and it was written in the Al-Borsa newspaper.