Governor of Giza: EGP 537 million for the development and paving of traffic axes in the new year


Giza governorate receives the new year with a number of important projects that are integrated with the general vision that is being implemented on the governorate’s land to develop the road network and traffic axes to ensure traffic flow and facilitate the movement of citizens.

Major General Ahmed Rashid, Governor of Giza, confirmed the allocation of 537 million pounds in the investment plan for the fiscal year 2020-2021 to implement paving works and develop a number of traffic axes and roads in neighborhoods, centers and cities in the current fiscal year.

The Governor of Giza has assigned the heads of neighborhoods, centers, cities and the Roads and Transportation Directorate to quickly implement the paving plans that have been drawn up and completed according to the timetable set for them during the current fiscal year, as these axes are of great traffic importance.
The Governor of Giza also stressed that the Roads Directorate, Al Badrashin Center and City should quickly complete the implementation of the comprehensive plan for the development of the Saqqara tourist road due to its importance for tourist traffic to show it in a proper civilized manner.

He pointed out that there are a number of traffic axes that are being implemented, including the development of the Nile and Sudan streets, the Canal of Zomor, the axes of Mansouriya and Marioutia, and the creation of the alternative axis of Al-Ahram Street, which includes the construction of a bridge linking the Tersa and Mansouriya axes, the expansion of the Tersa Bridge, in addition to the completion of the development of the streets linking King Faisal Street. And the pyramids and branches to be used as auxiliary traffic axes in the event of the complete or partial closure of Al-Ahram Street to implement the fourth line works for the subway project.

The projects to be implemented during 2021 also include the development and paving of a number of traffic axes leading to the Grand Egyptian Museum in the areas of the old pyramids gardens, the pyramids plateau, youth housing and the area of ​​recruitment and shooting.

The article: Governor of Giza: 537 million pounds for the development and paving of traffic axes in the new year, it was written in the Al-Borsa newspaper.