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French striker Antoine Griezmann, 30, joined his former club, Atletico Madrid, from Barcelona, ​​​​at the last moments of the summer transfer season.

Griezmann and return to Atletico Madrid

And Spanish press reports revealed that Atletico Madrid reached an agreement with its Spanish counterpart, Barcelona, ​​“The Blaugrana” at the last minute to close the summer transfer season.

Barcelona decided to abandon him, and agreed to move Frenchman Griezmann to Atletico Madrid on loan this summer, after the approval of Dutch coach Ronald Koeman.

According to those reports, Atletico Madrid has the right to buy the player after the end of his loan period and pay an amount estimated at 40 million euros.

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And he faced many difficulties due to the laws imposed by the Spanish League regarding the limits of the salaries of players in the Spanish League, as the decision was postponed after the end of the summer transfer season.

The Barcelona team abandoned Griezmann due to the huge salary that the player will receive amid the financial crisis that the Spanish team is going through, estimated at 1.3 billion dollars, which he inherited from former President Josep Maria Bartomeu, as well as the repercussions of the Corona virus epidemic and its impact on European clubs.

Barcelona and compensate for the departure of Griezmann

Barcelona replaced the departure of Antoine Griezmann before the end of the summer transfer season, contracting Dutch striker Luke de Jong, coming from the Seville team, to move the French Griezmann to Atletico Madrid and the arrival of De Jong to the Catalan team.

And the Spanish League announced the arrival of the official papers for both deals before the end of the official date for the summer transfer season for players.

French Griezmann joined the Barcelona team during the summer of 2019, with a deal valued at 120 million euros, coming from Atletico Madrid, with a five-year contract.

Griezmann played 102 games with the Barcelona team “Blaugrana” in all different competitions, in which he managed to score 35 goals, and scored 17 goals with the Catalan Spanish team.

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