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In an attempt to get to the secret of the miracle of the six prisoners digging the tunnel under the maximum security Gilboa prison and escaping from it, the newspaper revealed “Ha’aretzHebrew about the tools used by Palestinian prisoners in digging their freedom tunnel.

Israeli investigators are puzzled

The Hebrew newspaper reported in a report that the process of escaping the six prisoners from the high-security Gilboa prison, 4 of whom were subsequently re-arrested, began in November or last December, in which cooking utensils were used to dig the tunnel, a method that puzzled the Israeli investigators.

The newspaper said that the six prisoners dug the tunnel using food plates and handles of cooking utensils, and the sand was disposed of through the sewage system.

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She pointed out that the Israeli investigations into the incident took place with the participation of at least 11 prisoners.

She explained that an investigation is currently underway with 5 prisoners who did not escape, by the Shin Bet security service.

Zakaria Al-Zubaidi and 3 other prisoners were arrested

Earlier this week, the Israeli police arrested 4 of the 6 Palestinian prisoners who escaped from Gilboa prison: Zakaria Al-Zubaidi, Yaqoub Qadri, Mahmoud and Muhammad Al-Ardah.

Meanwhile, the Israeli security forces are still searching for “the fighter Yaqoub Nafi’at” and “Ayham Fouad Kammaji.”

The number of prisoners in Gilboa prison exceeds 360, divided into 4 sections, each of which consists of 15 rooms, and holds about 90 prisoners.

The number of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli prisons is about 4,650, including 40 female prisoners, and about 200 minors.

In addition to 520 administrative prisoners (without charge or trial), as of September 6, according to a statement by the Prisoner Club.

The Palestinian prisoner, Muhammad Al-Ardah, revealed the details of his escape with 5 other prisoners from the Israeli Gilboa prison, in addition to the details of his re-arrest along with 3 others, according to what was quoted by lawyer Khaled Mahajna.

The Israeli occupation authorities had announced the arrest of 4 prisoners out of 6 who were able to be freed from the high-security Gilboa prison, after an escape operation that sparked a lot of controversy in Israel. There are also fears for the lives of the prisoners, especially with reports that they were subjected to torture.

New details about the escape from Gilboa prison

The prisoner, Muhammad Al-Ardah, told his lawyer during the latter’s visit to him at the Jalameh investigation center that they tried as much as possible not to enter Palestinian villages in the 48th area so that no one would be held accountable.

Al-Ardah added: “There was no help from other prisoners inside the prison, and I am primarily responsible for planning and implementing this operation, which began in December 2020.”

He also continued, saying: “We walked with each other until we reached the waterwheel and entered the mosque, and from there we dispersed each two separately, and tried to enter the West Bank areas, but there were great reinforcements.”

Then the Palestinian prisoner, Muhammad Al-Ardah, explained that “we were arrested by chance, and no one from Nazareth reported us, as a police patrol passed and when it saw us, it stopped and the arrest took place, and the investigation continued from the moment of our arrest until now, 7 hours a day.”

Lawyer Khaled Mahajna also pointed out: “Mohammed Al-Ardah and Zakaria Zubeidi did not drink a single drop of water after their release from Gilboa Prison, which caused their exhaustion and their inability to continue walking.”

Mahmoud Al-Ardah’s messages to his family and the Palestinians

Lawyer Raslan Mahajna conveyed exciting details about the model, who said: “I was very moved when I saw the crowds in front of Nazareth, and I salute the Prime Time Zone of Nazareth, they raised my spirits.”

He added: “I reassure my mother about my health, my morale is high, and I salute our Prime Time Zone in Gaza, and I greet all the masses of our Prime Time Zone for their standing. We had a small radio and we were watching what was happening abroad.”

The prisoner concluded the model’s message through his lawyer: “What happened is a great achievement, and I am concerned about the situation of the prisoners and the achievements of the prisoners that have been withdrawn.”

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Muhammad al-Ardah is from the town of Arraba, north of Jenin (in the northern West Bank), and one of the leaders of the “Islamic Jihad” movement. The Prisons Authority and the Israeli Intelligence classify him as one of the most “dangerous” prisoners.

Al-Ardah has spent about 28 years in Israeli prisons, 25 of them continuously, from 1996 until now.

Cruel torture at the hands of the Israelis

In his statement after leaving the Jalameh interrogation center, lawyer Khaled Mahajna said that the captive Muhammad Al-Ardah “was going through a very severe torture journey, as he was severely beaten, as well as smashed to the ground and has not received treatment until now.”

The lawyer also confirmed that the prisoner has only slept 10 hours since his re-arrest at dawn last Saturday, and that he is being investigated around the clock, as he is not allowed to sleep or pray, and he is not given food except Friday.

Lawyer Khaled Mahajna also revealed that “the prisoner Muhammad Al-Ardah rejects the charges against him and remains silent despite all torture and pressure attempts.” He said that the prisoner, Al-Adra, responded to the occupation investigators, “that he did not commit a crime, and that he toured occupied Palestine.”

The prisoner told the lawyer: “I was looking for my freedom and to meet my mother, and I tasted the fruit of patience from one of the orchards of Marj Ibn Amer for the first time in 22 years.” The prisoner also assured the lawyer that his return to the detention center is nothing in exchange for the freedom he tasted in the orchards of Marj Ibn Amer.

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