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Habib Nour surprised Amr Diab, his girlfriend, the daughter of the famous Egyptian artist, by asking for her hand in marriage, after he lured her to do a photo session.

Nour Amr Diab published two photos on her official Instagram account, one of which shows her lover Kieran Woodward, who wears the ring in her hand, while the other photo appears as he sits on his knee in front of her and asks for her hand, and Nour seemed surprised by the surprise.

Nour Amr Diab and her fiancé

In August 2021, Nour Amr Diab surprised her followers by announcing her engagement without warning, and her willingness to move to live with him in south London.

And through the live broadcast feature, through her account on (Instagram), Nour Amr Diab shared with her followers the preparations she is making for her move to live in a new place with her fiancé, expressing her great happiness for this step.

Nour Amr Diab said: (I would like to go to many stores like H&M and ZARA since I moved to south London with my fiancé, but not for long. I am very happy and excited too.)

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Nour Amr Diab also revealed the nationality of her fiancé, saying that he is an African-British, and promised her followers that she would share with them the details of her engagement, pictures of her trip with her fiancé and their home, and a picture of the ring soon.

Amr Diab’s daughter noted that she cannot wear the engagement ring yet because she has lost some weight, so some modification is needed.

Nour’s fiancée, Amr Diab

Nour Diab’s fiancé, Kieran Woodward, is a fitness trainer and also works as a photographer, originally from Ghana.

Nour Amour Diab
Nour Amour Diab’s fiancé

Kiran was publishing pictures of Nour Amr Diab through his account on (Instagram), attached to phrases of spinning.



Nour had previously been subjected to a severe bullying campaign on social media because of one of her pictures that showed her features very closely, and commented on her at the time: (Close up, click on the picture to see where my clothes come from).

Reactions to Nour Diab’s image varied, some of them mocked its appearance, and some defended it against the bullying campaign it was subjected to. They praised her appearance without makeup and cosmetic surgery.

Nour Diab previously said that she was born on June 10, 1990 and currently lives in the British capital, London, and that she works as a fashion designer and (blogger).

Nour revealed that she speaks 3 languages, namely Arabic, English and Spanish, and has studied business administration, and that her favorite color is pink. Its length is 161 centimeters.

It is noteworthy that (Noor) is the eldest daughter of Amr Diab, and the first child of the artist from the first wife, Sherine Reda, who mentioned her name in his song (Noor Al-Ain), which he released in 1996.

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