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The Lebanese singer Haifa Wehbe sparked controversy in the latest photoshoot she underwent, during which she appeared while she was holding a golden grenade.

One click to blast

Haifa Wehbe published the photos through her official account on (Instagram), during which she appeared in a short black leather dress and placed two hand grenades in front of her.

Haifa commented on the photo: (Live your life with a little spice).

Haifa Wehbe appeared in another picture with the same look, while she was holding the bomb in her hand, and commented: (It only takes one click to detonate, what is the only thing you can control in life?).

Haifa Wehbe: Be yourself

Haifa Wehbe revealed her new look a few days ago, after changing her hair style and color.

Haifa appeared in the pictures that she published through her official account on (Instagram), with dark black hair, a runway, and a short bang, very similar to the look she adopted in the character (Karma), in the series (Curse of Karma) two years ago.

She also appeared in a video clip (If I were), which was collected by the Egyptian artist Akram Hosni, and through it she maintained the trend on YouTube, a month after the release of the duet, and it gained 17 million views and more.

Haifa completed her look with a black leather dress and dark red lipstick, and attached the photos with a comment: (Be yourself more, and like them less).

Haifa shows off her femininity

Haifa Wehbe is active during this period on social media, and continues to display her femininity in unfamiliar ways, most recently from inside her own dressing room at home.

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Haifa Wehbe published a video through her account on (Instagram), as she dances in front of the mirrors in her dressing room, and displays her femininity in a narrow dress, which clearly reveals the details of her body.

Haifa also shared her audience with another look in a very short white dress that resembles the costume of ballerinas, and coordinated it with white shoes as well.

Haifa did not attach the pictures in which she showed her femininity to any comment, other than writing her name and heart emoji.

Weeks ago, Haifa also caused a sensation with a hot photo she published from a new photo session, in which she appears with a sexy and daring look.

Haifa appears in the photo, sitting on the ground, wearing a dress consisting of more than one material, such as silk and lace, in iridescent colors, and showed part of her buttocks and legs.

Haifa Wehbe showing off her car

A few days ago, the Lebanese singer Haifa Wehbe showed off her luxury sports car, and appeared next to her with an exciting look that sparked controversy.

Wehbe published several photos from her latest photo session through her official account on (Instagram), during which she appeared in (casual) clothes, wearing pants, a T-shirt and sunglasses.

Haifa took her pictures next to her red Lamborghini sports car, which she reviewed from more than one angle.

Haifa Wehbe breaks into Tik Tok

Haifa also recently drew attention to her with her videos through the application (Tik Tok), and in one of them she imitated a scene by the Egyptian artist Shaima Seif from the movie (Armouti in the Land of Fire), in which the latter participated with the artist Badria Tolba and the artists Ahmed Adam and Alaa Morsi.

The reactions of the followers about Haifa Wehbe’s scene varied, some of them saw that it was funny and spontaneous, and some of them saw that it was fake and not funny.

Haifa Wehbe dancing with her friends

Haifa, who is very overweight, also appeared on (Tik Tok) in a video, as she danced with her friends, and it turned out that they used a feature and filter that showed them with this weight and shape.

Haifa Wehbe also appeared in another video, accompanied by her friend Ahed, in a representative scene, where each of them put the foulard on her heads as if it were a veil, and announced her vow of repentance to God to respond to Haifa (May God bless the Prophet), and this was her first appearance via (Tik Tok).

(Baby Haifa)

In another context, the granddaughter of the Lebanese artist Haifa Wehbe, the youngest, drew attention to her because of the strong similarities between her and her grandmother, even in the tone of voice.

Zainab Fayyad, Haifa’s daughter, posted a video of her youngest daughter, Daniela, through her official account on (Instagram).

Wehbe’s granddaughter appeared in the video, as she directed a kiss to her mother’s followers and wished them a good night, and Zainab Fayyad commented: (My moon, my soul and my whole life would like to give you a good night).

The audience noted that Daniela resembles her grandmother more than her other sister, and the comments stated: (I redeemed Haifa’s beauty, which will extend generations).

Successive comments came as follows: (She looks like Haifa Wehbe), (It has something from Haifa), (A copy of Haifa), (Baby Haifa).

Another commented: (Beauty is the inheritance of three generations).

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