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The Lebanese singer Haifa Wehbe showed off her beauty again with a bold look.

Haifa Wehbe: Because I am happy

Where Haifa Wehbe published new photos through her account on (Instagram), in which she appeared in a long and bright pink dress, with a blue tail at the back, with an open chest and a large opening on the side, clearly revealing her legs.

The Lebanese actress adopted a hairstyle of long curly hair, which she left loose on her shoulders.

Haifa Wehbe commented on the photo in which she showed off her femininity in a dress signed by the Lebanese designer Mikhael Chamoun, who she has been dealing with recently: (Because I am happy).

Haifa was forced to wear pants!

Haifa Wehbe was forced to wear trousers instead of the (hot shorts) she was wearing to her party in a village on the North Coast, while recording an interview with the official Egyptian TV, which imposes on its guests a commitment to dress standards.
It had been agreed with the organizers of Haifa Wehbe’s party last Friday, in the city of El Alamein, to record an interview with her for the “Good Morning Egypt” program, and it was approved, especially since Wehbe has not appeared on Egyptian television since 2014.

According to local media, there was a suggestion that the camera focus only on the upper part of Haifa Wehbe’s body so that the shorts would not appear, but after discussions it was decided that she should wear trousers, and she did not mind, emphasizing her respect for the rules and laws of Egyptian television.
An Egyptian TV source told the Egyptian newspaper, Al-Watan, that Haifa appeared during the ceremony in shorts, but the director forced her during the television interview to wear trousers.

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And the source continued: (Because it is forbidden to look at the viewers on Egyptian television wearing hot shorts, which made her go to her room to wear trousers, and indeed she went to her room and wore black pants).

With a daring look, during which she wore shorts and a T-shirt that revealed her charms, Haifa Wehbe ignited the atmosphere at an artistic concert in the new city of El Alamein in Egypt.

Haifa Wehbe presented a group of her songs and danced to her tunes with the audience, while the party witnessed the presence of some celebrities such as Hamo Beka, Bossi Shalaby, Akram Hosni and Mohamed Tharwat.

At first, the dancer, Jawhara, responded to the audience’s request to go up to the stage and present them with a link to the song “My Sisters”.

(No one upsets Hama Beca)

And when I saw the Egyptian festivals singer Hamo Beka, among the audience, Haifa saluted him, saying: “No one upsets Hamo Beka, my love. I see most of the videos of you who provoke him.”

And before she shook hands with him, she asked him, saying: “You were fed,” to which Becca replied, saying: “Oh, star.”

Haifa sparked controversy by appearing in bold clothes on two consecutive days. After the hot shorts, Haifa wore in her second party bright blue and transparent pants, revealing the shorts underneath, which exposed her to attack from some pioneers of social media.

Haifa Wehbe had previously been punished by the Syndicate of Musical Professions due to a similar crisis, as she wore (hot shorts) at a concert at the American University, which prompted the Syndicate of Musical Professions to draw attention to her.

Artists based on sexy clothes!

The Egyptian artist and Syndicate of Egyptian Musicians, Hani Shaker, had talked about nudity, sexy clothes and the union’s decisions on the subject, in his first media appearance after his recent health crisis.

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Hani Shaker said in a television interview on the “Charbel Receives” program, on CNN in Arabic: “There are some artists who appear on the stage and sing, but they do not depend on their voices and songs, but on dance and sexy clothes.”

He continued: (The first time I came to the union, the majesty took me and made a statement in which I said that we want to develop art, and we said that the Egyptian and Arab artists adhere to some of the clothes that they appear in the stage, but at that time we decided that we control the dress of the artists, and they entered the matter in nonsense or silly).

Hani Shaker: Haifa Wehbe wears extra short clothes

Hani Shaker spoke about a situation that happened with the Lebanese artist Haifa Wehbe because of this, and said: (In the beginning, Haifa Wehbe was wearing clothes that were outside the normal and normal, and too short, and I communicated with her and spoke to her with the utmost love, and of course she respects me and loves me very much).

Hani Shaker revealed Haifa Wehbe’s reaction, commenting: (I told her that the works had objected to the images that appeared, and what works in Europe can not be used in Egypt, and she accepted my words).

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