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The Lebanese actress, Haifa Wehbe, sparked controversy with the dress she wore on her 49th birthday, which falls on the tenth of March.

Haifa Wehbe appeared in a dress described by commentators as scandalous, as it appeared short and exposed her legs, while she started dancing when the crew of one of her new works surprised her with a party on the occasion.

An ‘unexpected’ gift

Alia Yamout, the sister of the Lebanese singer Haifa Wehbe, surprised him with an unexpected gift on the occasion of her 49th birthday.

Haifa Wehbe, a few days ago, shared a video clip showing an unexpected gift from her sister, Alia Yamout, on the occasion of her birthday.

The gift was “a painting with her appearance on the sand on a beach in Dubai, and her name is written on it.”

Haifa Wehbe expressed her happiness with this gift, saying: “I don’t think it is more beautiful than such a surprise that drew me on the sands of the seashore in Dubai.”

And last February, a misdemeanor court in Egypt issued a ruling against the former director of Lebanese actress Haifa Wehbe, Mohamed Waziri, stipulating that he was imprisoned for five years. And that was accused of squandering her money and defrauding her at 63 million pounds.

According to local media, the lawyer of the Lebanese artist said that after the Qasr al-Nil family court rejected the lawsuit to prove the marriage of Muhammad Waziri. From Haifa Wehbe, he intends to file a defamation lawsuit and compensation for a large sum of money due to damaging the reputation of the great artist.

Haifa Wehbe’s lawyer explained that Sheikh Zayed’s Public Prosecution received the final investigations of the Public Funds Investigation Department in the communication submitted by the artist. Against its business manager to seize 63 million pounds.

The Public Prosecution ordered the detention of the director of Muhammad Waziri for 4 days pending investigations into the incident, and the opposition judge renewed him 15 days, and then he was referred to trial.

“Al-Harbaya” beginning

The court considered the case in several sessions, during which it listened to the defense of Mohamed Waziri, who applied for innocence to his client, and heard a pleading. Public Prosecution in the case.

During the investigations, the Public Prosecution heard the statements of Haifa Wehbe, who explained the details of her knowledge of Muhammad Waziri, and said that she had met him. In 2016, to work on her own album, before she appointed him in February 2017 as director of her business under an oral agreement, during the filming of the series “El Harbaya”.

Haifa Wehbe confirmed in her statements that she had been issuing agencies to Mohammed Waziri for the administration since that time, to enable him to sign contracts instead of her. And receiving the money for her, in return for receiving 10% of her wages for each concert.

For her part, Haifa Wehbe commented on Muhammad Waziri’s 5-year prison sentence by thanking the Egyptian judiciary.

Thanks to the Egyptian judiciary

Haifa Wehbe said, in a message published through the “Al-Story” feature on her official account on the “Instagram” application, that she trusts in the fair judiciary. And the effort made by its legal agents in its legal battles with Muhammad Waziri.

Haifa Wehbe published pictures of the ruling issued and indicated that it is among a group of other cases that are still waiting for their verdicts, and commented: “And victory is only from God, praise be to God.”

She also tweeted on her account on “Twitter” and wrote: “The verdict in the cases of swindling and seizure, thanks to the fair Egyptian judiciary .. What victory? Except from God, praise be to God.

Water returns to normal

The Lebanese media, Hanadi Issa, caused a sensation following a statement in which she claimed that Haifa Wehbe’s relationship with her former business manager, Mohamed Waziri, was restored.

Hanadi Issa said at the time, on Twitter, “It seems that the relationship between the star # Haifa_Wahbi and her business manager # Muhammad_waziri has returned. “To their sewers after leaving prison, as they were seen on Saturday night while they were staying with a group of friends at the #MAi_Tai nightclub in the Sheikh Zayed area in Cairo.”

However, Haifa Wehbe categorically denied the matter and embarrassed Hanadi Issa by responding to her tweet and wrote: “First, he has been imprisoned for 4 months. Pending investigations Second: Hours ago and until this moment in which I write the tweet, there is a court session that is held immediately, in which professors, attorneys, counselor, Yasser Kantoush will plead against him. Third and most importantly, Dr. Rania Al-Manawi: This is the seventh news of the impossible that it happens! 4: I am in Lebanon ”.

Hanadi Al-Issa then justified, saying in response to Haifa Wehbe: “My cousin looked like her.”

Haifa Wehbe’s marriage certificate

Last August, a document spread on social media sites confirming the marriage of Haifa Wehbe to her manager, Mohamed Waziri, and showing the value of the agreed-upon dowry.

According to the leaked marriage contract, the dowry of the Lebanese actress Haifa Wehbe from Muhammad Al-Waziri was 1000 Egyptian pounds.

At the same time, a picture of Muhammad Waziri spread from inside the prison in Egypt, after the Public Prosecution had decided to renew his detention. For an additional 15 days pending investigation on charges of theft of money, breach of trust, fraud, fraud and abuse of the power of attorney granted to him by the Lebanese artist Haifa Wehbe.

Surprises about Al-Waziri’s relationship with Haifa

Waziri confirmed earlier that he had officially joined Haifa Wehbe on March 24, 2017, and that was not announced at the time for reasons related to his family.

In statements to the media, Amr Adib, Waziri said on the “Al-Hekaya” program on the mbc masr channel, that his problems with Haifa Wehbe began. While filming “Ghosts of Europe”, which he is producing.

He added at the time: “I was surprised by the escalation of personal disputes to affect the work, after a very personal problem occurred between me and her. And after settling on the film, signing contracts, preparing it for filming, and internal and external distribution contracts, she said. But it had to be completed because things have become in the framework of decades. ”

Waziri continued: “After filming two weeks internally from the movie and preparing to travel abroad, Haifa refused to travel to Georgia. And she gathered the film team and told them that she will not shoot until her condition is fulfilled, and I cannot say for sure if she did. All for the sake of an actress she doesn’t want in the movie. Because she agreed with all the film participants since the beginning of the preparations.

Waziri confirmed that Haifa Wehbe has no right to object to one of the participants in his film, revealing that it caused him a loss. With a value of 150,000 euros, due to her refusal to film, which she resumed after talking to her and persuading her, and in the meantime their relationship transformed. Only to work even though they both live in the same house, he says.

And my minister blew another surprise, when he said that he was never the manager of her business, and continued: “I have not, and I will not, the manager of her business, whether she or anyone else. Haifa had her own business manager, but I cared about her affairs because she was my wife and my own, and the last agreement between us was that. She comes to see the final version of the film, and suddenly she does not answer my calls and know nothing about her since May 2020. ‘

He pointed out that he was surprised, like Prime Time Zone, about what is being written about him on social media, and said: “I was surprised by the accusations. People asked why I did not answer it, and I called a lawyer to see the situation, and they told me that what social media was saying. It is not taken, and there is nothing on the ground. ”

He continued, “I endured great psychological harm since last May, because she is my wife, and because of the words that were said about me.”

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