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The Egyptian actress, Hajar Ahmed, topped the search engines via (Google), in her first appearance after marriage, and what she revealed about her personal life.

New life

In an interview with the program (With You, Mona Al-Shazly), which is broadcast on the CBC satellite channel, and presented by the media, Mona Al-Shazly, Hajar Ahmed said: (Marriage is a responsibility, and it is a new life that requires a person to new things in his life).

Hajar Ahmed indicated that her husband follows up on her work and supports her, takes his opinion on her, and benefits her greatly.

And she continued: (I got married quickly and did not have a long engagement period to announce it, so I wanted to announce the books of the book once, and the whole relationship was not long, it was almost two months).

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Hajar confirmed that she met her husband through her family and married him immediately, commenting: (Proceed to me and prayed a prayer of istikharah, and I agreed one day).

And she continued: (I went back to filming a series, except for me, by making a story called “Without Guarantee” consisting of 10 episodes. The series talks about domestic violence, divorce and the problems of women facing after divorce).

(The idea of ​​cooking every day is difficult)

Regarding the change of her life after marriage, Hajar replied: (Sure, there are things that have changed, but not completely. I cook everything, and my hands are bare.. I love to cook even at home when my mom was cooking, and therefore the idea of ​​cooking is not difficult for me).

The Egyptian artist added: (The difficult thing is cooking every day, because when Mama was able to do something, my sisters did something, and I needed it, and before that, my companions at work would find me sleeping, but now they come and meet me in the kitchen).

And Hajar went on to compare her: (At home when Mama used to eat classic food, but now I have to do some Lebanese moves and some Italian moves, I mean if you sit in a restaurant and he likes food, then in the spirit ask the chef how to do, and I can turn on YouTube how do you do it).

girl stories

Hajar talked about her role in the series “Hekayat Banat”, and said that he is very close to her heart, adding: (Before I participated in it, I was traveling, and they asked me to work in it, and I liked the role, and the series had good luck, frankly).

Hajar indicated that she and her family were originally from the city of Tanta, but they all moved to Cairo, where she studied psychology, to please her family.

And she continued: (After that, I studied theater arts, because I love acting).

The message of the reason why Hajar Ahmed entered art

The Egyptian artist said that two years after graduating from university and without work, she watched the series (Under Control), adding: (It was a very strong series and treated addiction in a strong and effective way, and then I sent an answer to director Tamer Mohsen to tell him my whole story in a letter and that my parents refused My job is art.

And she continued: (I said that he certainly did not reply to me, but all those inside me came out in the message, and after two days he replied to me with a long message and encouraged me very much that I achieved my dream and did not give up on it and try to convince my family, which is why I have great merit after our Lord).

In another context, Hajar Ahmed shared a few weeks ago with her audience her first pictures of her honeymoon, just five days after her wedding celebration, which was everyone’s talk.

Hajar Ahmed published a group of photos through her official account on (Instagram) that she gathered with her husband, businessman Ahmed Al-Haddad, on a beach, during which she appeared wearing a cash swimsuit.

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But one of the pictures published by Hajar sparked controversy, as Ahmed, her husband, put his hand on her body in a way that provoked the audience, which prompted the artist to delete it later.

Hajar Ahmed commented on the pictures: (Burkana).

The public believed that Hajar Ahmed had published the photo from the beginning by mistake.

Who is Hajar Ahmed?

It is noteworthy that Hajar Ahmed (27 years old), studied at the Faculty of Arts, Department of Psychology, but her love for art and acting prompted her to join the Institute of Dramatic Arts, Department of Directing and Acting.

Hajar graduated from the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts, where she performed many plays on stage, the most famous of which is (Kask Ya Watan).

Hajar Ahmed then participated in the series (Alf Salama) in 2013, and this was her first dramatic work, and then the participations followed, as she appeared in the series (Kid Al-Hamawat) in the Ramadan drama season in 2014 and received great success.

Hajar Ahmed participated in many television works, most notably the singer, this evening, as if yesterday, Eagle of Upper Egypt, Rasael, the trip, Quarter Romy, and her real launch was through her participation in series, including Nassabi, Qasmatk 3 and Hogan with the artist Mohamed Imam.

The last work of Hajar Ahmed was the series “The Best Father”, which was shown during the last Ramadan season with the artist Ali Rabie, Sami Maghawry and Khaled Alish.

Hajar Ahmed is participating in a new artwork entitled (Zombie), which belongs to the type of comedy films that tend to horror, with the participation of Ashraf Abdel-Baqi and Ali Rabie, written by Amin Gamal, and directed by Amr Salah.

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