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Egyptian actress Hala Shiha opened fire on her compatriot, artist Tamer Hosni, after the release of the clip (I Love You), which contains scenes from the movie (Mesh Ana).

Hala Shiha published the poster of the movie (Not Me) through her account on (Instagram) and attached it to a comment that read: (I was very surprised by the release of a clip that combines separate scenes from the movie, and in the days of Dhul-Hijjah, blessed days, especially after the last post I downloaded and explained what I am).

Hala Shiha expressed her shock at Tamer Hosni in particular, and said: (I was more surprised, especially after Tamer Hosni promised to me and confirmed that he would respect my desire and some of the requests I asked him with respect and the love of the summer that had passed and he assured me that he would respect my desire).

Hala Shiha saw that the success of Tamer Hosni’s movie is a success by worldly standards, adding: (Believe me by the standards of our Lord, we have not and will not succeed, I know and am sure that my colleagues are good, but unfortunately the sedition of fame and success does not allow us to see and measure things right).

Hala Shiha crying because of the clip (I love you)

Hala Shiha revealed that she cried when she saw herself in the scenes of the clip (I love you), and she continued: (I speak from my heart, this clip is pleasing to God, and I cried because I saw myself in these scenes, this was a slip as a result of circumstances I went through, and we all make mistakes and we must make mistakes because we are human beings But the tragedy is that we forget and forget.
And Hala Shiha added: (I will not lose anyone, I have decided from these scenes, and they are not correct, and I am wrong and correct, and the most important thing is that our Lord is satisfied with me, because in the end this is what benefits us, not fame or success, no, it is not success at all, because real success is another thing. Sincerely, most of us have forgotten it, except for a few of us.

As Hala Shiha mentioned, Tamer Hosni told him in an old meeting, and she said: (If art makes us move away from the curriculum of our Lord and we are a role model for our children, it remains void and nothing is art. I die while I am a singer. I am always afraid of this.. Sure words I said in a moment of sincerity inside you and all of us).

The video that Tamer Hosny asked for a solution to see!

Hala Shiha, Tamer Hosni, asked to see the video again, commenting: (See it again. It can make you think that inside you is definitely in a conflict, and I and all of us, we all make mistakes, but the important thing is that in the end we correct the mistake and fix it).

She concluded by Hala Shiha her words a verse in the Qur’an: (only repented and Ouamn worked Amlࣰa Salehࣰa Voolyk toggles Allah the evil of Hassantࣲ and Allah is Ghafoorࣰa Rahیmࣰa} .. God is the Word of God and the beauty of my peace if our voices are all our talents we use it in good Ashan remains the art of hard).

Although Hala closed the comments feature, activists attacked her on other platforms, blaming her and describing her as contradictory and hesitant, especially as she changed her attitude towards retirement and the veil more than once, accusing her husband of pressuring her.

contradictory and hesitant

Hala had raised questions again about her return to the veil, after she appeared in it in her latest pictures, accompanied by a mysterious message.

Hala Shiha disavows her film with Tamer Hosny!

And Hala Shiha, through her official account on (Instagram), published two photos, one with her husband, the Islamic preacher, Moez Masoud, and another with her children.

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Hala appeared in pictures, wearing a modest dress and a veil over her hair, and commented: (I want to live my life to the fullest while being true to myself and my beliefs and to set an example for my children).

And she continued: (Thanks to our Lord, I have finally found a balance between being happy in my life and at the same time being honest with myself and those I believe in from within).

And Hala Shiha announced that she had nothing to do with the movie (Mesh Anna), which was recently released in cinemas, and starred by Tamer Hosni.

And she wrote: (As for the movie (Not Me), the truth is that it was filmed more than a year and a half ago, and because of the circumstances of Corona, I am very late in its descent, and I am also changing and getting married, thank God, and the film really remains (Not me) and I wish all my colleagues success).

And the public considered that Hala Shiha lived in a state of loss and confusion, no more, and her father, Ahmed Shiha, commented at the time in statements to local media: (Reasonable? .. Did you see the picture that I downloaded).

And Hala Shiha’s father continued: (Hala is not in Egypt now, she is outside Egypt and I have seen her for five months, I traveled because the children had exams and she was worried about them).

Ahmed Shiha confirmed that he did not know the correctness of his daughter’s wearing of the veil at all, because she did not tell him such a thing or that she would do it again, he said.

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