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Kuwaiti media, Halima Boland, surprised her followers with different features in her latest appearance on social media, which sparked controversy about her addiction to plastic surgery.

“New Head”

Halima Boland appeared in a video via (Snapchat), while she was in her car, and she spoke to her fans, saying: (Tony left the Ministry of Information, and went to the gym, of course I was a homely hand, I saw my colleagues and colleagues, and the sweetest memories).

Activists expressed their shock at Halima’s change of form, stressing that all the famous Prime Time Zone became copies of each other, so one of them wrote: (We only know them from their voices).

Another mocked, in reference to the large number of plastic surgeries that Halima performed, by saying: (If a pin touches her by mistake, it will be published).

And another wrote: (They became all the same, other than God’s creation, all so that they would appear more beautiful and men would be tempted by them. May God guide them and heal them from what has plagued them.”

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At the end, he likened the matter to installing a new head, and wrote: (They change their Russians as they change their outwardly headscarves, and they come with hair).

Most of the followers agreed that Halima Boland has become a new version of Kuwaiti actress Ilham Al-Fadala.

Halima had sparked widespread controversy a few weeks ago in her latest appearance on social media, and the public accused her of exaggerating plastic surgery as well.

And Halima Boland appeared in the photo that she published at the time via (Snapchat), with completely different features, and she appeared with a thin and sculpted face and very puffy lips in the form of a duck with a small nose.

Halima Boland’s eyes also looked completely different due to the exaggerated swelling of her cheeks, which made her look like Halima other than what the public knows.

Boland was widely attacked by her followers, who confirmed that her exaggeration in plastic surgery had become out of control, and that she did not need it in the first place.

Indian masquerade

A few days ago, Halima surprised her audience by wearing the traditional Indian dress, and changing the color of her skin to a dark brown, to look really Indian.

Halima Boland published a series of videos and photos through her account on (Snapchat), during which she revealed that she is about to go to an Indian masquerade party.

Halima Boland reviewed the Punjabi outfit that she will wear, saying: (It’s all a job, I love to see the details, and take me to the days of India, and my beautiful trip with my family, it was crazy days, I will show you the details, but let me eat starving dead, in the spirit of eating Japanese food, meaning Indian dress and food Japanese).

Halima Boland relied on Indian makeup, and completed her look with the braid on the side, and put a red dot on her forehead, and a large earring in her nose.

Halima documented the paragraphs of the masquerade ceremony, from the henna inscription, the Indian dance link, the Indian food, and the tying of wreaths on the hands.

Halima Boland’s veil

Also, weeks before, Halima sparked controversy among her followers after she wore the hijab as a promotion and advertisement for a brand only.

Halima published a set of photos and videos through her account on (Snapchat), during which she appeared as she taught her followers how to wrap the veil, commenting: (The whole way to veil the new gift is girls from the files of Nowruz).

The audience mocked Halima’s appearance, which was completely different due to plastic surgery, especially her lips, and they saw that the size of her head was not commensurate with her body.

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Halima Boland sheep and nyak with pink ribbons

And recently, Halima reviewed the strange gifts she received after lifting the seizure of her money and accounts in the case of (celebrity money laundering).

And the Kuwaiti media published a video, through her account on the (Snapchat) application, showing the accumulation of dozens of sheep and camels in the garden of her house.

Halima Boland says in the video: (I just woke up, I found all these sheep in my garden, I ransomed my family who brought them. I had all these sheep, may God protect them, and they also put nice pink ribbons on them).

Then Halima Boland photographed the nyak, and commented: (This is from Baba on the occasion of my departure in safety. I ransomed Baba, may God preserve him and prolong him.

The gift of Halima Boland’s family aroused the ridicule of the tweeters, who saw that the review of this wealth proves its involvement in money laundering. While others accused her of acting.

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