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Hamad bin Jassim detonates a surprise about the scheme to replace the current regime in Jordan under the leadership of King Abdullah II | A nation is tweeting out of tune


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The former Prime Minister of Qatar, Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim bin Jabr, revealed that what happened recently in Jordan had been planned for a long time by some officials of the previous US administration and one of the countries in the region.

In tweets monitored by Watan, Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim said that the goal behind that scheme is to replace the current regime in Jordan with the leadership of King Abdullah II.

The main reason

The former Prime Minister of Qatar stated that the main reason behind this failed attempt was King Abdullah’s standing against any normalization at the expense of the Palestinian cause, or what has come to be called the “Abrahamic Covenant.”

He continued, “That situation was an obstacle to those plans. Is it not time to stop these adventures that weaken our region and make others underestimate us. ”

Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim stressed that “the stability of Jordan is mainly important to the Cooperation Council, and the stability of governance in it, and even supporting it is a duty because we need more stability and credibility in our region to serve our interests.”

The Emir of Qatar supports the king’s decisions

The Emir of Qatar, Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, expressed earlier, his country’s support and standing with the Kingdom of Jordan in all the decisions it takes to preserve its security and stability.

This came during a phone call made by Al Thani with Jordanian King Abdullah II, according to the official Qatar News Agency.

The Emir of Qatar affirmed his country’s support and standing “with the sisterly Kingdom of Jordan in all decisions and measures taken by King Abdullah in order to preserve the security and stability of the Kingdom.”

The first appearance of Prince Hamzah with King Abdullah II after the crisis

And on Sunday, the former Jordanian crown prince, Prince Hamzah bin Al-Hussein, appeared, accompanied by the country’s King Abdullah II, for the first time since the last crisis.

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On Sunday, the Jordanian Royal Court said in a statement that King Abdullah and Crown Prince Al Hussein. They visited the royal shrines, on the centenary of the establishment of the Jordanian state.

On this day every year, Jordan celebrates the founding of the country on April 11, 1921.

The statement also added that the visit was attended by a number of princes, including Hamzah bin Al-Hussein, the former crown prince.

According to a picture broadcast by “Al-Mamlaka” (official) TV, as well as the royal court. The monarch of the country appeared accompanied by the aforementioned princes, wearing face masks. Among the measures to confront the Corona virus.

The announcement of Prince Hamzah’s participation is his first official appearance, following the recent arrests that were linked to his name.

And the hashtag (hashtag) of Prince Hamzah is still where (where)? It tops the list of the most actively traded in Jordan. Although the country’s monarch confirmed that he is in his palace, with his family, and under his care. During a written message he addressed to the Prime Time Zone, last Wednesday.

King Abdullah also said in the letter: “The strife is ceased.” The former Crown Prince (1999-2004) is his half-brother, Prince Hamzah. In his mansion with his family and under his care. Stressing that “other aspects are under investigation.”

And last Sunday, the authorities announced “preliminary investigations” that showed Prince Hamzah bin Al Hussein’s involvement with “foreign parties” and the so-called “foreign opposition” in “attempts to destabilize the security of the country” and “mobilizing citizens against the state,” which the prince denied.

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