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Hamad bin Jassim warns the Gulf states of “the biggest nightmare” and reveals the solution | A nation is tweeting out of tune


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The former Prime Minister of Qatar, Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim, renewed his warning to the Gulf states about the future of oil, as he had previously stated last March that the oil era “is now in the last quarter of his life.”

Hamad bin Jassim offers radical solutions

Bin Jassim tried, in a series of new tweets to him today, monitored by Watan, to provide solutions to this expected catastrophic crisis, by presenting suggestions. To the governments of the Gulf states.

In this context, the former Prime Minister of Qatar wrote: “Following the previous tweet about the future of oil prices as a source. The main income of the countries of the region. We should present the idea of ​​restructuring part of government agencies and privatizing many of them after a comprehensive and comprehensive scientific study.

The former Qatari official explained that “if this idea were to be applied and implemented accurately and professionally, it would benefit the citizen.”

He explained that it would raise the level and quality of services with better and faster performance, and would reduce the costs that governments spend now.

It will also – according to bin Jassim – also reduce the costs borne by the citizen.

It will also reduce the number of ministries and agencies, which have increased with the inflation of oil prices and revenues, Hamad bin Jassim says.

The former Prime Minister of Qatar concluded his proposals by saying: “Thus, this privatization will reduce the costs borne by the state. You don’t need. To add new fees and taxes that the citizen will bear the burden of.

The biggest nightmare

It is noteworthy that in mid-March, the former Prime Minister of Qatar, Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim, sounded the alarm and warned the Gulf states. From the next stage, stressing that the oil era “is now in the last quarter of his life,” as he described it.

Hamad bin Jassim said in a series of tweets to him on Twitter that Watan monitored at the time that the current rise in oil prices may be the last session. Or the penultimate rise, and then the prices will begin to decline gradually.

He continued, warning the Gulf states against the continued dependence of their economies on oil money only: “The age of oil is now in the last quarter of his life. In light of what the market is witnessing of many energy alternatives to oil at competitive prices and environmentally friendly quality, as the West claims.

The former Prime Minister of Qatar indicated that investment funds and the accumulation of financial reserves, despite their good advantages. Perhaps it will not be sufficient to build a real and effective economic power in the GCC countries.

Especially with regard to various fields such as advanced technological agriculture, internal services industry, tourism and financial services. And the specialized micro-petrochemical industry “down stream”, education, health, information technology and others. According to bin Jassim.

The senior Qatari official stressed that when the GCC states are able to achieve this, their internal economy will be. able to. Standing in the face of the repercussions of the expected decline in oil revenues.

This will also lead – according to Hamad bin Jassim – to be spent on projects of economic or social feasibility. And avoid proposing unhelpful projects simply because they are the hobbies of the ruler or are built on foundations that are not solid.

New variants in the region

Hamad bin Jassim bin Jabr Al Thani, last month, also called on the Gulf states to prepare for new changes and difficult challenges in the region, in light of a possible US confrontation with China and Russia.

In a series of tweets through his verified “Twitter” account, he said Former Qatari official: “The new US administration is focusing its efforts to slow down. Growth of the Chinese economy and technology. ”

Addressing the Gulf, he continued: “We in our Gulf region must have some heat in this economic war between the two giants because the states. The United States will pressure us by all means not to develop economic and military cooperation with China.

He pointed out that “Russia is important to America in terms of being a significant military competitor.”

He added, “Washington will also work to prevent any Russian military influence in our region or keep it within the narrow limits.”

Addressing the Gulf, he returned, saying, “Therefore, it is important for our countries to have a deep awareness and insight that comprehends and comprehends the upcoming global scene. “With all its details and complications, to take advantage of this situation.”

He stressed that “these changes may impose a new reality and difficult challenges for the region.”

He asked, “Are we ready or will we be prepared?”

Beijing and Washington’s relations are marred by disagreements that flared up during the era of former US President Donald Trump, most notably related to trade disputes. And criticism and US sanctions against the background of Chinese internal affairs.

And last February, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi called on US President Joe Biden’s administration to work with China for the sake of China. Resumption of dialogue between the two countries to restore relations, which were “damaged” during Trump’s presidency.

There are differences between Washington and Moscow regarding their military interventions in several Arab countries.

In mid-January, Russia announced that it was about to withdraw from the Open Skies Treaty (concerned with military information affairs), less than two months after the United States left it, and Chinese criticism of the US move.

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