Harsh punishment of a referee that angered Ronaldo after canceling his legitimate goal | A nation is tweeting out of tune


Dutch press reports revealed. That the referee of the Dutch flag, Mario Dix, did not count the legitimate goal of Portugal against Serbia in the fatal minute of the end of the match.

And which ended in a positive tie with two goals each, in the framework of the 2022 World Cup qualifiers. He will be subjected to severe punishment.

The Dutch Federation and Ronaldo’s goal

A source in the Dutch Football Association confirmed that the referee, “Dicks,” will not participate in the arbitration of the 2021 European Championship “Eurio” matches, which will take place next summer.

And the source added in the press reports that published the news, “It is expected that the Dutch referee, Jan de Vries, will enter the Dutch referee team, which will be led by Danny Makeley.

World Cup qualifiers

The decision came to dispense with the Dutch ruling “Dicks”. After the arbitrary disaster in which the referee occurred, Portugal captain Cristiano Ronaldo canceled the goal of the Serbia national team and deprived the national team of two valuable points in the match.

In order to be at the top of the group ranking for the European qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup, to be held in the Qatari capital, Doha.

Ronaldo got angry and out of the stadium

The cancellation of the correct goal of the Portuguese star, Cristiano Ronaldo, raised 36 years. Captain of his country. Angered, as he left the field waving with both hands as a result of the wrong arbitration decision in the match. And throwing a driving signal on the pitch.

Ronaldo and the yellow card

The Portuguese player Ronaldo went to the assistant referee on the pitch, saying to him: The ball entered and very, very clear. The arena referee who canceled it and the yellow card hinted in the player’s face for objecting to the arbitration decision. But the shot confirms the correctness of the target and its entry. To end the meeting with two goals each.

Dutch referee comment on Ronaldo’s goal

The Dutch referee, “Makeley”, said in a press statement to the Portuguese newspaper “Apola”, saying: “According to a policy established by FIFA, all I can say. I apologized to Portugal coach Fernando Santos. About what happened in the match ”

And the Dutch added, ”the arbitration staff. He always works and makes good decisions. And when situations like these do happen. It does not satisfy us at all. ”

Details of the match between Portugal and Serbia

The two goals of the meeting were also scored by the Portuguese national team’s striker and player of the Liverpool club, Diogo Jota, 24 years old. In the 11th and 36th minutes.

And the national team managed to return to the match and dominate at the end of the first and second half, and narrowed the difference with rival Portugal.

The first goal for the national team in the meeting came in the 46th minute for the Serbian striker, the player in English club Fulham “Alexander Mitrovic,” 26 years old.

The goal of reducing the difference and a tie came in the 60th minute of the match, through the Serbian midfielder “Philippe Kostic”. To end the meeting with a draw between the two teams.

The Serbian national team player was expelled

Also, in the second minute of alternate time, the Serbian defender, Nikola Milinkovic, was sent off, 23 years old. After he was blocked by a player from his rival Portuguese national team. The referee indicates the red card in the face. To leave the pitch.

These days will witness the 2022 World Cup qualifiers, which will be hosted by the State of Qatar. Amidst great preparation inside its giant stadiums, which are ready to host these competitions next year. In light of the spread of the Corona virus epidemic around the world.

Ronaldo numbers with the Portugal national team

Don Ronaldo also played 171 matches for his country, scoring 102 goals in the net against Portugal’s competing teams. During his professional career and international participation, he created 41 goals. Towards the goal net.

Ronaldo is one of the players who scored the most during his participation with his country, with his score of goals. Runner-up is the player Puskas with 84 goals. With his country Hungary national team.

Record-breaking Ronaldo

Ronaldo has achieved during his football career, most notably the Golden Ball award five times in the award held by the International Federation of Football Associations “FIFA” every year, one of which is with Manchester United, England, and four times with the Spanish team Real Madrid.

As well as the award for the best player in the continent of Europe for three times, in addition to winning the Golden Boot award for the best scorer in European leagues five times, and the title of the first man in the Portuguese Super Cup, which he won in the ranks of the Lisbon team.

In terms of his international participation with his country, Ronaldo was crowned with his country, Portugal, the European Nations title in 2016, at the expense of the host national team, France.

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