Harvesting 1800 acres of long-staple cotton in Damietta


The Directorate of Agriculture in Damietta Governorate announced that 1,800 acres of long-staple and ultra-fine cotton, which is characteristic of Damietta Governorate, have been harvested.

Engineer Refaat Taha, Director General of Agriculture in Damietta Governorate, stated that the total amount of this type of cotton that was planted in Damietta Governorate amounted to eight thousand acres, stressing that as a result of following the agricultural guidelines carried out by the Directorate during the period of cotton cultivation, it gave high productivity.

He explained that the production of an acre in the first pound amounted to 13 quintals, noting that the governorate is making great efforts to expand the cultivation of cotton, noting that there is a response from farmers in this field.

Source: asha a

The article Harvesting 1,800 acres of long-staple cotton in Damietta was written in Al Borsa newspaper.