Has Turkey placed the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood under house arrest and closed their channels? A nation is tweeting out of tune


The international lawyer and Egyptian opposition figure, Mahmoud Refaat, confirmed that the news being circulated about Turkey’s status of leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood. Under house arrest is false.

Naked information about health

Refaat said, in a tweet monitored by “Watan”: “Information about the situation of some Brotherhood leaders under house arrest in Turkey is unfounded. As confirmed to me, more than one source called me from Istanbul.

He added, “But the confirmed information is the request of the Turkish authorities from the channels of the East, complementary and homeland, to stop dealing with the Egyptian issue.”

Overwhelming popularity

Refaat added: “It is certain that Erdogan has achieved sweeping popularity through Arab channels in Turkey on the Arab street. A large sector of the Arab street, especially in countries in crisis, has become a belief that Erdogan is sincere and emissary from heaven. This was helped by the writings of those associated with Qatar and those sitting in Turkey on the communication sites and now he is turning the helm in another direction.

The Egyptian system is fancy

In another tweet, the international lawyer said: “The regime in Egypt is under the illusion that silencing Turkey’s channels will close the door to its critics and promote its channels.”

He added, “Silencing Turkey’s channels will not push Egyptians to the regime’s channels, but rather make the Egyptian street turn to social media.”

He continued: “This is what took the Egyptians to the streets in 2011 by the millions to depose a ruler for the first time in Egypt’s thousands of years of history.”

Close TV channels

In the context, the Egyptian politician Ayman Nour, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Al-Sharq Channel and the leader of the Ghad Al-Thawra Party, said that the talk about closing Egyptian television channels that broadcast from Turkey did not happen and is not true.

In an interview with the “Midnight” program on the Al-Jazeera Mubasher channel, Nour added that there was a meeting between Turkish officials and representatives of the Egyptian opposition in Turkey.

He mentioned that during the meeting, talks were made about the recent developments in relations between Egypt and Turkey, noting that the performance of the Egyptian channels operating in Turkey was discussed.

Representatives of the Egyptian opposition

Nour said that the representatives of the Egyptian opposition understood from the Turkish officials a desire to amend the discourse of these channels in line with the media and press honor codes.

He pointed out that there is a dialogue with Turkish officials regarding the “language” of the speech and not the “nature” of the channels, stressing that the Turkish side did not request to close the channels or cancel the programs.

Nour completely denied reports about the deportation of opponents or media professionals, stressing that he would not accept the mere proposal of this matter.

He added that he discussed what happened in this meeting with workers in Al Sharq channels, and that he asked them to be professional and objective.

Nur did not rule out moving channels to operate from outside Turkey if there is a necessity, stressing that he does not want to preempt events.

Nour renewed his assertion that prejudice to the main channels’ message would not be acceptable, indicating that at the time, they would discuss a number of options.

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