Hassan Nafaa raises controversy with a tweet about the destruction of the Renaissance Dam … what did he say about it ?! | A nation is tweeting out of tune


Shortly after the statements of the chief Sudanese negotiator in the dam file, Mustafa Hussein Al-Zubair, last Tuesday, that Ethiopia had actually begun the second filling of the Renaissance Dam, without reaching an agreement with Cairo and Khartoum, the tweet of the prominent Egyptian academic Hassan Nafaa about the dam’s destruction met a wide reaction.

Hassan Nafaa: There is no alternative for Egypt to strike but to destroy the Renaissance Dam

Hassan Nafaa said in his tweet: “Egypt has no alternative but to strike a dam that will inevitably lead to its destruction within a few years, especially if Ethiopia insists on the second filling without an agreement. But when, and how do we ensure that the inevitable strike achieves its goals? This is a question that only the Egyptian military establishment can answer, and we have confidence in it.

Sudan welcomes the initiatives to solve the “Renaissance Dam” crisis peacefully

On Friday, the Sudanese Foreign Ministry welcomed the initiatives aimed at finding a “peaceful and diplomatic solution” to the Ethiopian “Renaissance” dam crisis.

This came during a meeting with the Sudanese Minister of Foreign Affairs, Maryam Al-Mahdi, with the Nigerian Minister of the Presidency of the Republic, Ibrahim Qambari, in the capital Abuja, according to the official Sudanese News Agency.

“Sudan welcomes all initiatives aimed at finding a peaceful diplomatic solution to the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam crisis,” Al-Mahdi said.

It also provided “a detailed explanation about the developments of the Renaissance Dam crisis, and its firm position in cooperating to reach an agreement that achieves the interests of all parties.”

Ethiopia insists on a second filling of the dam. It is believed that in July and August next, about a year after the first filling, even if “no agreement is reached,” while Sudan and Egypt adhere to first reaching a tripartite agreement, to preserve their water facilities, and to ensure Their annual share of the Nile water continues to flow.

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