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Kuwaiti actress Haya Al-Shuaibi broke her silence, and responded to her accusation of insulting Saudi Arabia months ago, stressing that she was all in love with the Kingdom and its Prime Time Zone.

Haya Al-Shuaibi: I was exposed to a plot

And Haya Al-Shuaibi said, in a video clip that she posted on her account on the (Snapchat) application: (I love my fans in Saudi Arabia, and they love me).

And she continued: (The problem is that I did not make a mistake in Saudi Arabia, and even if someone asked where the video or the statement of anything proves that I was wrong, there is no, I was subjected to a plot).

And the Kuwaiti artist added: (My fans are everywhere, and in the end, nothing is true but correct. I love you… and my fans are in Saudi Arabia, my love.”

Haya Al-Shuaibi offers free plays in Saudi Arabia

Haya Al-Shuaibi confirmed that it was shown in a theater in Saudi Arabia for free, adding: (I love this monastery and its Prime Time Zone and its Prime Time Zone).

Haya Al-Shuaibi indicated that her nerves got tired and her mind stopped thinking because of what was happening, commenting: (In the end, this is easy and will not change and I learned .. I learned things and I know that my loved ones in Kuwait are a lot and they are my lovers who are the ones who patient me).

The media, Mai Al-Aidan, republished Al-Shuaibi’s video, and attached it to a sarcastic comment, in which she said: (I loved tears with music and filter).

Haya Al-Shuaibi: (May the sticks wrapped)

Mai Al-Aidan had asked Haya Al-Shuaibi to apologize to Saudi Arabia, stressing that the reason for not asking her in the last Ramadan drama season was on higher orders from the Kingdom.

And in the first indirect response from Haya Al-Shuaibi, she said at the time: (Praise be to God, there is no program that I presented that was not successful, I do not interfere in Prime Time Zone’s privacy, nor do I cause problems, nor do Prime Time Zone know.”

And Haya Al-Shuaibi continued: (Let her be free, what is higher than her, we are satisfied, let us get rid of Corona, God willing, in goodness and safety, in empty Prime Time Zone who have no job except to follow Prime Time Zone and increase the talk).

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Haya Al-Shuaibi gave a veiled advice to May Al-Aidan, saying: (People in this month are doing good, a song like Gergean, enough problems and enough talking, the salvation of a generous month and entering the last ten, who does not have the above, let him stop his good and evil from Prime Time Zone).

And she continued: (And if she is empty and does not have anything, poor God will help her, and God will grant her the strength of faith, obedience, prayer and the Qur’an, if you have a job and a preoccupation, take care of yourself, do not look at anyone else, you see, God is tired of us.

Haya Al-Shuaibi again hinted at the May Al-Aidan program during her talk about her new work, saying: (My work in the BN does not circulate with you, strong comedians, crazy and wonderful, and I let them put it in my stories on Instagram. Fill with laughter, and God willing, next year will come strong comedic programs A purposeful family far from interference in Prime Time Zone’s personal lives, far from problems, and far from gossip).

At the time, Haya Al-Shuaibi concluded, sarcastic: (But one grows up, makes sense, and lies down, and she only has time, buzz and gossip, and every year and you are fine).

Haya Al-Shuaibi’s insult to Saudi Arabia

May Al-Aidan had previously revealed the reason why Haya Al-Shuaibi did not receive offers, as usual, to present programs in Ramadan.

May Al-Aidan hinted, during her program (Account Statement) via the (Scoop) channel, that the reason was Al-Shuaibi’s abuse of Saudi Arabia upon the death of the Emir of Kuwait, Sabah Al-Ahmad.

May Al-Aidan advised Haya to apologize to Saudi Arabia, and said: (You stood up dramatically and did not work because of your incursions that Saudi Arabia threw, and those who were sensitive to your words, specifically on the day of the death of Prince Sabah Al-Ahmad, customary decisions came from inside Saudi Arabia, we do not want Al-Shuaibi).

And (Al-Eidan) added: (The Saudi Prime Time Zone were angry, and you rushed and put pictures of all the princes, sheikhs of the Gulf and its kings.. I put a picture of the Emir of Qatar and said he is the only one who came to us, and I forgot that it is the condolences. .


May Al-Aidan continued: (The anger has become and the person makes mistakes, and there is no human being who does not make mistakes, but the smart person is the one who corrects the mistake he made, and you are supposed to look up and apologize to the Prime Time Zone and the Saudi government and say that I was in a hurry to judge and I am your daughter and your right is on me).

May Al-Aidan concluded her speech by emphasizing the advice to Haya, saying: (Come on, do things right. Growing up is not a mistake. I apologize. This is advice, and I have a rivalry between you and me because you insulted my mother in 2015 and I never forgive someone wrong in my family, especially my mother).

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