“He cried bitterly” .. “Watched” what Saudi girls did with their father and became the talk of the communication sites | A nation is tweeting out of tune


Activists on social media circulated an influential video that monitors the reaction of a Saudi father, after his daughters came to him with an unexpected surprise, and these girls became the talk of social networking sites about their beautiful creation.

The girls surprised their father

In the video monitored by “Watan”, the father appears sitting with his daughters in a restaurant, then he is surprised by the arrival of the birthday cake and a collection of gifts in a distinctive way, which made the father cry from the severity of the impression.


The video spread widely in the Kingdom, amid praising the behavior of girls, and the activists considered the video to be painful for feminists who call on girls to revolt against their families, and promote the idea of ​​Saudi women being subjected to violence and oppression by their parents, and that this video is an example of the incorrectness of their claim.

Sexual scandals

Activists compared this model of girls with Saudi celebrities, who are raising controversy through pornographic clips and sexual scandals.

“Fuchsia” magazine previously indicated that there are many famous personalities from Saudi Arabia who have recently raised controversy due to their daring and out of the ordinary, among them, for example, but not limited to Saudi Rahaf Al-Qanun.

At the time, the magazine reviewed a video of the most prominent of the bold and scandalous photos and videos that spread to social media stars in Saudi Arabia and caused them to lead the trend in the recent period.

Rahaf Al Qunun

And the story of Rahaf occupied the world, after she fled from her family in Saudi Arabia to Thailand and then sought asylum in Canada.

Another controversial figure is Hind Al-Qahtani, who lives in America with her children after her separation from her husband.

Saudi Arabia, Amal al-Shahrani, who is also residing in a foreign country, is one of the Saudi women who have recently sparked controversy. Because of their violation of customs and traditions, as she appeared more than once wearing a bikini on the beach.

And a large number of social media celebrities in Saudi Arabia suffered from the spread of bold and shocking videos that were described as scandals and exposed them to attack. Among them are videos attributed to them that are not real, and videos that are bold and shocking, which they filmed themselves. And they topped social networking sites because of it.

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