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“He sacrificed dollars” … Watch what Ramez Jalal did with Al-Ahly’s star “Afsha” in an exceptional episode | A nation is tweeting out of tune


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The Egyptian artist, Ramez Jalal, hosted during his fifth episode of the program “Ramiz Akle Flar” broadcast today, Saturday, on the “MBC” screen, the star of Al-Ahly club and the Egyptian national team, Mohamed Magdy Afsha.

Afsha is considered the fifth victim of Ramez in his season for this year from the landfill programs known to him, which he started years ago with different styles and forms.

And the artist, Ramez Jalal, praised during his program in the Al-Ahly club player Afsha, thanks to his goal in Zamalek Club in the final of the African Champions League.

He said during the episode of his program today: “The one who sacrificed dollars directed Al-Ahly to make history and the judge heard from South Africa to Paris.”

Ramez’s first victim, his mind flew

The first victim of Ramez was the singer Ahmed Saad, the second was the player of the Pyramids club and the Egyptian national team, Ramadan Sobhi, and the third was both singer. Festivals Hamo Beca and Dancer Lordina, the fourth was artist Wizo.

Ramez Jalal continues to present his annual programs, which are about landfills in which stars and artists from different artistic circles are located.

This year, Ramez presents the program “Ramez Akle Flar” in cooperation with the General Authority for Entertainment in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The plot begins with the program team hosting one of the stars of art, sports or media.

Where he is led to a place in the city of Riyadh, where he is exposed to an unexpected adventure, and from here begins the excitement and terror of the guest, which increases his panic and fear.

Among the victims of Ramez Jalal in his new program, the stars: Dina El-Sherbiny, Ahmed Saad, King of Koura, Ramadan Sobhi, Sumaya Al-Khashab, Wizzo, Jamila Awad, Islam Ibrahim.

As well as Nisreen Tafesh, Karim Afifi, Mohamed Heneidy, Hamo Beka, Mahmoud Janish, Reem Mustafa, Hamada Hilal, Kinda Alloush, Muhammad Abdul Rahman, Muhammad Majdi Qafsha, Marawan Mohsen, Ahmed Malik, and others.

Ruby rejects Ramez Jalal’s offer

Egyptian media reported that the actress, Ruby, has apologized for appearing on the program “Ramez Akil Flar”, presented by artist Ramez Jalal on the “MBC” screen and sponsored by the Saudi Entertainment Authority, led by Turki Al-Sheikh.

According to “Sada Al-Balad” website, the program offered Ruby a wage of two million pounds.

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But in the end, the apology was her final decision because she did not want to be insulted during the program.

Becca and Lourdiana’s mother-in-law in “Ramez His Mind Flew”

And Thursday, the popular artist, Hamo Beka, and the dancer, Lordiana, fell victim to the third episode of the Ramadan landfill program, “Ramiz Aklou,” which is presented annually by the artist Ramez Jalal on the screen “MBC Egypt”.

Ramez his mind flew

By following the episode on “MBC Egypt” on YouTube, Ramez Jalal was able to trap Hamo Becca in the trap of his pranks by the artist, Lourdiana. Which he described as “the missile,” saying: “A tremor in its midst is not valued.”

During the Games City game, Hamo Beka said, “The suit was lavish, I don’t know, I can go out and live my life.”

And he continued, “Fame changed my life and I remained a little cool to Prime Time Zone.”

In addition, the presenter, Sarah Murad, asked Hamo Beka about his relationship with technology.

To reply to it: “What is the meaning of technology?”

Lordiana and Hamo Becca

Then the victims of the episode entered the capsule of Ramez Jalal, and the duo entered a screaming and collapsing fit.

It is noteworthy that the artist, Ramez Jalal, announced the completion of filming all the episodes of the landfill program, Ramez Aqilh, which is 29 episodes. One 22 minutes.

In which he presents all the guest segments in the program, where the victim is exposed to a set of challenges and adventures that test the strength of endurance. Until it falls in the dump of Ramez Jalal.

The program was filmed in the major amusement park in the Saudi capital, Riyadh, under the patronage of Counselor Turki Al-Sheikh, Chairman of the Saudi Entertainment Authority.

The landfill program, “Ramez Akle Flar”, is broadcast at exactly 6:26 pm, with the time of the Maghrib call to prayer every day during the month of Ramadan, on the channel “MBC Egypt”.

Ramadan Sobhi

The famous Egyptian player, Ramadan Sobhi, fell victim to the second episode of the Ramadan landfill program, “Ramiz, his mind flew”, which he presented. On an annual basis, the artist, Ramez Jalal, on the screen “MBC Egypt”.

Ramadan Subhi received the media, Sarah Murad, to persuade him to enter the “simulator” game inside the opening of the amusement park during the celebration of the Riyadh Season 2021.

Ramez Jalal responded to Sara Murad’s question by the star Ramadan Sobhi: “Does technology benefit Ramadan or harm it ?!”

He added: “His harm, of course, is the children, Hariyeh, the encouragement, the commissions, the comics, the ambition, the safety, and the black night.”

Ramadan Subhi answered, saying: “He stayed with the needs of bullying, and I spent a lot of time,” to Ramez Jalal, saying: “The salvation of his skin is bad.”

Ramez said: “Lift up the hook, and we will answer it to you on the slab that will go to our side. How stupid is our stupidity.”

Ramadan Sobhi collapses

Ramadan Subhi lost his nerve and collapsed, as he started screaming and insulting, in the vertebra of the capsule, and he appeared terrified.

Many stars of art in various Arab countries are located in the plot, most notably singer Ahmed Saad, artist Dina El-Sherbiny, artist Wizo, and actress Sumaya al-Khashab.

In addition to Al-Ahly player Mohamed Afsha, goalkeeper Jensh, artist Kinda Alloush, artist Hamada Hilal, artist Reem Mostafa, and artist Mohamed Heneidy.

Statement of the Saudi Entertainment Authority

In addition, the Saudi General Entertainment Authority issued an urgent statement regarding the scenes of the program “Ramiz Aqil Has Flown”, which is sponsored by the Authority this year.

The commission stated in its statement that “the program’s episodes were filmed this season in a location in the capital, Riyadh, and the program depends in its season. New on the element of surprise the guest ».

Riyadh season in Saudi Arabia

Singer Ahmed Saad is the guest of the first episode in the month of Ramadan. The events revolve around the guest’s invitation to open a theme park within the “Riyadh Season.”

There he is received on a tour by the Saudi comedian Hassan Asiri, in which the guest wears a cabaret identity as part. From its publicity, then begins to try exciting games.

The authority noted that the program was registered over a period of 15 days, and behind it is a huge team consisting of 200 Prime Time Zone, noting that the site. The photography took 40 days to complete, as it was designed according to the latest engineering techniques in construction and construction.

The statement pointed out that the work team used the latest techniques of special cinematic effects and attracted global expertise.

Where a team from England participated in the production of the program and another team specialized in optical illusions from the United States of America, and worked. The two teams, along with local companies and Saudi cadres.

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