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“He uses a stick to help him walk” … Details of the torture of Muhammad bin Nayef in his solitary confinement before his transfer to an abandoned palace | A nation is tweeting out of tune


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The British “Sunday Times” newspaper revealed that Prince Muhammad bin Nayef was subjected to torture, which caused wounds to his feet, and he became in constant need of a stick to help him walk.

Muhammad bin Nayef held incommunicado

According to those close to him, Ibn Nayef was placed in solitary confinement for six months.

The newspaper’s Middle East correspondent, Louise Callahan, quoted an unnamed “person familiar with the situation” as saying, “Many are deeply concerned after reports of ill health and ill-treatment at the hands of the authorities have emerged.”

An abandoned mansion under guard

And in September last year, Muhammad bin Nayef was transferred from solitary confinement to an abandoned palace, where he remains under heavy guard.

Although his family are allowed to visit him, he is denied access to his lawyer and doctor.

Conditions of the Crown Prince for the release of Ibn Nayef

Sources say that bin Salman stipulated his release that he pay about $ 11 billion to the Saudi government. It was alleged that he stole it while working for the Ministry of the Interior.

The prince’s allies vehemently denied the government theft, and claimed that they were under political attack by Mohammed bin Salman, according to Arabic 21 translated from the newspaper.

Sources close to Ibn Nayef say that his assets, although large, represent only a fraction of the $ 11 billion claimed.

The amount is believed to reflect the total budget granted to the Ministry of the Interior over a period of time while he was working there.

“Friends of Ibn Nayef”

He believes “the friends of Ibn Nayef,” as the newspaper refers to them; The United States is not doing enough to help him by putting pressure on Riyadh.

Speaking of his “friends,” the newspaper refers to John Brennan. Who was the chief counterterrorism adviser in the White House during the administration of Barack Obama.

Brennan met Ibn Nayef dozens of times during that time in Riyadh and Washington.

The Saudi prince at that time passed important information to the American official. Some of them related to an attempt to target the citizens of the United States by bombing a plane heading from Britain, via Yemen, to Chicago.

“America’s Favorite Saudi”

But “America’s favorite Saudi,” as it is described, today faces an unknown fate. In light of Bin Salman’s attempts to establish the rules of his current and future rule to succeed his father.

Many, including Brennan, expressed dismay at the young crown prince not being held accountable for Khashoggi’s murder. After the publication of the aforementioned intelligence report.

According to the newspaper, some of Ibn Nayef’s friends in the West tried to pressure Saudi Arabia to release him.

The West owes Ibn Nayef a great deal of gratitude

The person “familiar with the situation” said that “prominent figures in London and the capital feel that the West owes Ibn Nayef a great deal of gratitude” for his work in thwarting “terrorist plots.”

Bruce Riedel, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution, said: “I know there is a feeling in the American intelligence community and the counterterrorism community that we owe this guy to try to help him … They want to work privately, I think, behind the scenes to try to get him out of prison and get back to a place where He has access to doctors and things like that. ”

Did Biden ask the King of Saudi Arabia to replace bin Salman with bin Nayef?

A former Israeli minister revealed details of an American plan for President Joe Biden’s administration to replace Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman with Prince Muhammad bin Nayef.

The Minister of Justice and former Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Yossi Beilin, suggested that the US President requested the implementation of this step from Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz.

Beilin said, according to a newspaper.Israel today“The Hebrew, Mohammed bin Salman” was the West’s greatest hope, for a moment. His father, King Salman of Saudi Arabia, was considered a leader for a transitional period. Many predicted that his son, the young Prince Muhammad, would become crown prince.

He added, “The estimate was that the position would be taken from the hand of Mohammed bin Nayef, the experienced and revered who was appointed by Salman with his coronation in 2015.”

He continued, “Indeed, after two years, the king ousted the crown prince who had been appointed and crowned his son Muhammad, who became deputy prime minister, and also minister of defense and chairman of the Council for Economic and Development Affairs.”

Receiving bin Salman as head of state

Beilin stated, “The White House received the surprising young man as a head of state, and so also elsewhere in the world.”

He continued: “He seemed to be pragmatic, talkative, listener, a true representative of modern Saudi Arabia, and the world could not wait for his father Salman to take off his crown and pass it on to his liberal son.”

He considered that “the Saudi crown prince gained his fame after he abolished the ban on women driving cars. But then he continued to arrest women and men who had fought for reforms. The wealthy of Saudi Arabia were arrested until they agreed to pay taxes.

The Israeli minister indicated that Bin Salman involved his country in a terrible war in Yemen. And he did other strange actions. His involvement in the brutal murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi in October 2018 culminated in.

He noted that “America was marked by anger, and the world denounced, but the former US President Trump granted the young leader protection, and the young leader became completely dependent on Trump’s whims. He feared that US President Joe Biden, who is most sensitive to the issue of human rights, would lead him to the end of his political life.

Biden did not contact the crown prince

The minister pointed out, “The fact that Biden did not contact the crown prince. And he announced that he would only speak with his father, which was more than clear.

He continued, “A few days ago, Biden revealed the intelligence report that his predecessor had preferred to hide.” Stressing that “official America is now granting legitimacy to the appreciation that Bin Salman ordered the killing of Khashoggi.”

The Israeli minister suggested, “In the conversation between Biden and Saudi King Salman, the president alluded to the king. It would be wise on his part to replace his reckless son with the man who was forced to kiss his shoes and give up the mandate of the covenant only four years ago.

“Will this be good for Israel?” He asked. “If this is good for our only true ally, America, it will be good for Israel.”

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