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There is a package of violations caused by the Palestinian-Palestinian division, and one of them is the crime of forced retirement against the Prime Time Zone of the Gaza Strip. A group of components in the Palestinian Authority participated in this moral, legal and national crime, led by the former Prime Minister (the expelled) Rami Hamdallah, who is considered the architect of this crime , in conjunction with Dr. Majed Atta Abu Al-Helou, head of the Palestinian Retirement Authority, in the largest corruption deal witnessed by the Palestinian Authority since its inception.

A questioner may ask: What is the role of the Palestinian Pension Agency in this deal? The answer to this question is that d. Majed Atta Abu al-Helou is the acting chairman of the board of directors of the Palestinian Retirement Authority, in addition to his job as Chairman of the Palestinian Retirement Authority, and he is supposed to be the trustee of this institution and the funds of the retirees. Between 35 and 50 years, meaning that the average service left for these employees is about 17 years, and since when the employee is referred to retirement, the government stops paying the employee’s share to the retirement fund and the pensioner (young) is disbursed from the retirement fund, this is considered a loss This is a great deal for the retirement authority, in addition to the additional burden it represents on the budget burdened by the financial crisis.

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What should dr. Majed Atta Abu Al-Helou to accept the government of Rami Hamdallah to throw at him all this huge number of retirees who are young and without any reasons mentioned by the Public Retirement Law No. 7 of 2005.

Palestinian Retirement Authority

And to clarify more regarding the Palestinian retirement laws, there are a set of basic laws that protect the rights of members of the security services: The Service Law in the Public Security Forces of 2005, the Public Pension Law No. 7 of 2005, and the Palestinian Basic Law, which serves as the constitution for the future Palestinian state. But the decision by Law No. (9) of 2017, came to undermine all the rights included in the laws I mentioned, and therefore this decision by law is contrary to the constitution and may be challenged before the Constitutional Court because it violates the principle of necessity and legality (it is true that the Basic Law granted the president the right to issue a law decision in In the absence or disruption of the Legislative Council, but this right of the president must not clash with the principle of legality and the Basic Law).

The philosophy of retirement over (60) years is that we will give the opportunity for young generations to carry out the public interest in society. Where is the public interest in referring about 20 thousand employees to forced early retirement while they are in the prime of their youth?!! The legality has also been denied, and therefore this decision with a law has been struck and its legality is questionable. Also, this decision with a law is in violation of the principle of equality that came in the Palestinian Basic Law Article (43) which affirmed that the Palestinians, men and women, regardless of their religion, age or color, are equal before the law and are not It is permissible for the geographical factor to have a consideration that outweighs human rights considerations, and therefore there is a geographical discrimination, which is a violation of the Basic Law and therefore contrary to constitutional legitimacy. Therefore, the President of the Palestinian Retirement Authority would not have accepted it, and it would have been better for him to return all the files of retirees to the government of the ousted Rami Hamdallah.

Forced retirement file for Gazans

Based on the foregoing, it became obligatory for the Board of Directors of the Palestinian Retirement Authority represented by Dr. Majed Atta Abu Al-Helou, in his capacity as the Acting Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Palestinian Retirement Authority, in addition to his position as Chairman of the Palestinian Retirement Authority to open the file of forced retirement for the Prime Time Zone of the Gaza Strip and to return to the government all of the He is less than 60 years old, even if by one day, because it has become clear evidence that the forced retirement that took place was not legal and was a corrupt deal, and those who participated in it must be tried sooner or later!

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