Hebrew channel: Gilboa prisoners asked for protection from the Palestinian Authority after their escape, and Muhammad Shtayyeh refused


Hebrew media claimed that the Palestinian Authority, under a direct order from Muhammad Shtayyeh, refused to protect the prisoners of the Freedom Tunnel, after they escaped from the high-security Gilboa prison in Israel last September.

The Hebrew “Kan” channel reported in this context that the Palestinian Authority refused to protect the prisoners of the Freedom Tunnel, which of them is Kamanji and the Nafeat fighter.

The channel indicated that Kamanji and Anfiat asked for protection, but their request to be inside the authority’s headquarters for protection was rejected. By the Palestinian Authority and Prime Minister Muhammad Shtayyeh.

The two prisoners, Anfaat and Kamanji, were able to reach the Jenin area in the West Bank, days after they were freed. Through the Freedom Tunnel in Gilboa Prison.

And that was before they were re-arrested about two weeks after the escape operation, accompanied by four other prisoners, on September 6, 2021.

A new video, shown for the first time, documents the moment the six prisoners escaped

Yesterday, the Israeli media published a new video, published for the first time, documenting the moment the six prisoners of Gilboa Prison were released, led by Zakaria al-Zubaidi. From the hole of the tunnel they dug from inside their cell to the outside of the high-security Israeli prison.

In this context, a Hebrew channel published a video clip documenting the first moments of the release of the prisoners who liberated themselves from the Gilboa prison tunnel opening last month.

The occupation released the scenes, in which the prisoners appear, according to the channel, as they exit successively near the watchtower near the tunnel opening. The occupation admitted that one of the guards was asleep at the time.

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The six prisoners had dug a tunnel from inside their cell, taking advantage of a weak point in the prison toilet.

Their operation caused security confusion and great losses to the occupation in order to re-arrest them.

Tools used in digging the Gilboa Tunnel

Last September, the Kan Israeli Broadcasting Corporation published the first pictures of the drilling tools used by Palestinian prisoners escaping from Gilboa Prison.

Kan reported at the time that the tools were revealed by the lawyer of one of the prisoners, Mahmoud Al-Ardah, who was arrested again after escaping in Nazareth. They are hidden in the cell floor.

According to what was published by Kan, the photo showed the prisoners using a pen no longer than 15 centimeters long, with a piece of metal attached to it, and a hook tip. In addition to a metal S-shaped machine believed to belong to a piece of metal utensils.

The model had announced that he planned the escape and said: “The exit hole from the tunnel inside the room was done by myself. I used an iron screw that I had found, and the screw was sturdy enough to penetrate iron.”

He explained that he also had a piece of metal from one of the cupboards in the room that helped him cut the iron sheet covering the sewer hole.

In an incident that sparked a general alarm in Israel at the time, 6 Palestinian prisoners escaped on September 6. From Gilboa prison through a tunnel in a legendary escape that confused all the occupation forces.

But days later, the occupation authorities managed to arrest 4 of the escaped prisoners, after which the other two were arrested, and the trial of the six prisoners is taking place until today.

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