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Today, Monday, the Egyptian player Hedaya Malak, 28, won the first bronze medal for her country, Egypt, and the third for the Arabs, during the Olympic Games “Tokyo 2021” held in the Japanese capital.

Hedaya Malak and the Bronze Medal

The Egyptian player Malak defeated her American counterpart, Peggy McPherson, in the taekwondo competition 17-6 in the weight category under 67 kg, thus becoming the first Arab woman to win two bronze medals in a row after the bronze in the Rio de Janeiro Olympics in 2016.

The Egyptian taekwondo player Malak defeated the Tonga Basika player with a heavy score, after she scored 19-0 in a match that qualified her to compete in the match to determine the third position and the bronze medal against the American McPherson.

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Croatia’s Mattia Jelic won the gold medal by defeating Britain’s Lauren Williams, who took the silver in the final.

And her compatriot Saif Issa won the second bronze medal within a quarter of an hour after Hedaya Malak was crowned in Taekwondo.

Hedaya Malak and the third Arab medal

The Egyptian Hedaya Malak was crowned the fourth Arab medal after Tunisia won the gold and silver medals in swimming and taekwondo during the Tokyo Olympics 2021.

Tunisian Ahmed El Hefnaoui set a record time of three minutes and 43 seconds, ahead of his Australian rival Jack McLaughlin by 0.16 seconds and American Kieran Smith by 0.58 seconds.

The competition witnessed the Tunisian player Hefnaoui topped the race leaders and was the first to arrive in the sport of swimming, to win the gold medal after his runner-up Chase Kailich in the 400m miscellaneous.

The second gold medal in less than two months is for El Hefnawy, who last month won the 400-meter freestyle gold in the French Championships with a time of three minutes and 46 seconds, and had previously won the 800 meters in seven minutes and 45 seconds.

His compatriot Mohamed El Jendoubi, 19, won the silver medal in the taekwondo competition in the 57 kg weight category, in the exciting final match against his Italian counterpart, Vito Della Quella, who won the gold medal and ranked second in the world in taekwondo with a score of 8-10.

Before the Italian equalized in the second round with a score of 10-10, before he settled the match in his favor with a score of 16-12.

It is worth noting that the Tokyo 2021 Olympic Games will run until August 8.

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