Hend Sabry publishes her photo in the swimming pool (watch) | A homeland tweeting outside the flock


Tunisian actress Hend Sabry bid farewell to the summer with a picture from inside the swimming pool, commenting on it, “By Bye.”

Hend Sabry is part of a group of divorced women.

Within the events of the series “Searching for Ola”, the actress Hend Sabry embodied alongside Yousra, Sherine Reda, the dancer Dina and Nada Moussa, “a group of divorced women”, but each of them has a different story to tell the other.

The artist, Hani Adel, appears in the role of the star Hend Sabry’s divorcee, during the episodes of the series “Search for Ola”.

The work explores the story of the pharmacist, Ola Abdel-Sabour, who is rediscovering or rather reinventing herself in an attempt to keep pace with the rapid developments of life, as well as her adventures to find a balance between her multiple responsibilities with dreamy attempts to find love in her life.

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The series “Search for Ola” starring Hend Sabry, Sawsan Badr, Ahmed Fouad Selim, Hani Adel, and Nada Moussa. A group of honorary guests will participate in it, including Khaled Al-Nabawy, Yousra, Sherine Reda and other stars.

The series is inspired by characters written by Ghada Abdel Aal, a story, a script, and a dialogue by Maha al-Wazir and Ghada Abdel Aal, and was filmed in several locations in Cairo, while maintaining safety standards to ensure the health of the work team.

Hind Sabri’s daughters threatened

In another matter, the Tunisian artist, Hend Sabry, revealed last March for the first time that she had received death threats and rape of her daughters, because of the Moroccan artist Saad Lamjarred.

“I received threats on social media platforms that amounted to murder, and they told me we hope to see your daughters raped,” Hind said during her hosting of the “Youm Lake” program with the media, Samar Yousry.

“This is a problem when the voice is alone, it pays the price alone,” Hind added.

The Tunisian artist indicated that the threats, when they included her two daughters and the insinuation of assaulting them, affected her in a bad way, stressing that she would not stop commenting on some of the things she wanted to express an opinion on, and that she did not stone anyone’s opinion.

Hind noted that her opinion on Saad Lamjarred’s case was from a purely legal perspective, and said that she did not know the Moroccan artist personally and would make a public apology to him when his innocence was proven.

After several accusations were made against Saad Lamjarred of rape, Hind Sabry wrote in her tweet in 2018, “I was one of the Prime Time Zone who ruled out his first accusation, but the repetition killed the suspicion. This young man has disregarded himself and his fans, and does not deserve to be a star or role model for anyone.”

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