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The Egyptian artist, Ahmed Fahmy, sparked widespread controversy among his followers, after he put his wife, artist Hana Zahid, in an embarrassing position, and in the same category as his pet dog.

women in my life

Ahmed Fahmy published a photo through his official account on (Instagram), showing here Zahid and his dog Zizi, wearing the same sunglasses.

Fahmy commented on the photo: (Women in my life, here and Zizi).

Fahmy’s behavior sparked controversy among the followers, some of them saw that the matter was no more than joking, and some attacked him and found that the matter was defective against his wife.

And the comments came: (By God, are you not upset here by this comparison?).

Another mocked him, saying: (Sharia allowed you to have four virtuous two).

Zizi and Ahmed Fahmy’s relationship

Another asked: (Do you like this flirting with her or insulting her, so that I know only).

And she wrote a follow-up: (Oh, your might, they wear the same glasses).

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Al-Zahid had previously spoken in one of the television programs about Fahmy’s connection to his dog Zizi so strongly that she was sometimes jealous of her at the beginning of their relationship, but then she understood the extent of his dog’s loyalty towards him.

In another context, here Zahid published a photo a few weeks ago that she collected with her sister Farah, in which they appeared without makeup.

The audience’s comments on the photo varied, some of them saw that the artist here Zahid without makeup looks more beautiful, while others said that the plastic surgery is clear in her nose.

And here Zahid shared with her fans and followers, a picture of her on the beach, in which she appeared in beachwear and wet hair, and here she sent a message to her husband, artist Ahmed Fahmy, saying: “I did not cry, Fahmy.”

Ahmed Fahmy responded to his wife Hana Zahid, saying: “Let the coast benefit you, stay.”

Fahmy had ridiculed Hana’s hair when they appeared together on the “Sahebat Al-Saada” program.

She revealed here on Gossips that her number is listed on his phone as “Kitkit” because of her curly hair.

Here is the ascetic in pajamas sleeping with her husband

A few days before her, the Egyptian actress Hana Al-Zahid shared spontaneous pictures of her from inside the house, during which she appeared without cosmetics, accompanied by her husband Ahmed Fahmy.

And here the pictures were published via the Al-Astori feature on her official account on (Instagram), and she appeared in one of them embracing her husband, and each of them carrying his pet, commenting: (Happy Home).

Zahid and her husband

In the second picture, she appeared here in pajamas, without any cosmetics, which was praised by the audience, who confirmed that she is beautiful in all her cases.

Ascetic without makeup

And here Zahid previously showed her beauty in a short and new video, which she published through her official account on “Instagram”.

While the audience praised the beauty of the ascetic artist in the video, others saw that she was more beautiful in a picture she recently published, in which she appeared without makeup.

Here ascetic pregnant!

Here, Al-Zahid sparked controversy with her picture at the wedding of Israa Al-Adl, in which she appeared with a swollen belly, which made the followers believe that she was pregnant.

But the Egyptian artist confirmed that she is not pregnant, and she said in statements to local media: (People thought that I was pregnant, when they saw my picture at a wedding and my weight had increased 2 kilos, so they expected that I was pregnant).

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And she continued sarcastically here: (Frankly, they have a right, you can see my stomach like this, so they will surely think that I am pregnant, I am not pregnant .. sure if I am pregnant; I will not hide, and I will tell Prime Time Zone, and make them happy).

At the time, the Egyptian actress ignited social media platforms, during her participation in the wedding of the niece of the producer Jamal Al-Adl, where she appeared while dancing with her colleagues Hanadi Muhanna and Mayan Al-Sayed.

3 years of engagement!

A few days ago, the star Hana Zahid celebrated three years of her engagement to the star Ahmed Fahmy.

Hana Al-Zahid published a photo of the engagement ceremony that took place in 2018 at her mother’s house, accompanied by the comment: “3 years together officially.. Together for many years,” to which Fahmy responded through the comments, saying: “Every year, you are the best thing in the world.”

It is noteworthy that Zahid celebrated her wedding to Ahmed Fahmy in a hotel in Greater Cairo, in an evening that extended from the evening of September 11, 2019 until the early hours of the next day.

The ceremony witnessed a large number of art and media stars, and the Egyptian singer Mohamed Hamaki revived the wedding paragraphs. The artist Akram Hosni also presented a special laughing song for the newlyweds.

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