“Higher Education” denies postponing studies or studying remotely



A spokesman for the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Dr. Adel Abdel Ghaffar, denied the postponement of studies or distance studies at the present time.
Abdel Ghaffar added – in a telephone conversation with the “Tahrir Hall” program, via the Sada Al-Balad satellite channel – that “the Supreme Council of Universities announced in advance the regularity of studies in Egyptian universities as usual.”
He pointed out that the ministry is keen to vaccinate the entire education system within universities, adding, “When all parties to the educational system are vaccinated, they will be vaccinated.” It gives us a safety rate that guarantees us continuity and stability in the school year,” stressing that the political leadership’s directives are being implemented to vaccinate all those affiliated with the ministry in various parts of Egypt.
And he indicated that an opportunity was given to university students to finish obtaining Corona vaccines in the coming days, adding: “During the month of September, we finished vaccinating one million students in Egyptian universities.”
He considered that stressing the importance of following precautionary measures is taking place within universities.
Regarding the accredited hours in universities, Abdul Ghaffar said, “The amendment of the Law of Article 79 of the Executive Regulations of the Universities Organizing Law gives flexibility to different universities and colleges in accordance with the study regulations. He said: “Therefore, he can finish his studies after three years,” noting that practical and theoretical faculties are included in the system, with the exception of the human specialization.

The article “Higher Education” denies postponing studies or studying remotely was written in Al Borsa newspaper.