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The Qatari Al-Jazeera Channel published an investigation revealing that Israel used highly explosive and destructive bombs while targeting residential towers in the Gaza Strip.

During the days of the aggression, Israeli warplanes bombed many residential towers, namely (Hanadi Tower, Al-Jawhara Tower, Al-Shorouk Tower, and Al-Galaa Tower), which is the residential tower that was destroyed on Saturday and includes a number of international media offices in Gaza City, including the office of the Qatari Al-Jazeera Channel, and the Associated Press. American.

Al-Jazeera investigation about the bombs and missiles that bombed Gaza

Al-Jazeera investigation revealed The quality of the bombs used, and was based on military experts ’analysis of pictures of bombing the towers, and the investigation said that the bombs are most likely GBU-31 and GBU-39, winged, highly explosive and destructive.

An explanatory video, published in 2015, of this type of bomb shows how it penetrates the ground and then creates a massive explosion.

The investigation, published Monday May 17, 2021, indicated that the GBU-31, also known as “JDAM,” which stands for Joint Direct Attack Munitions, was developed in order to penetrate heavily fortified military sites.

Whereas, the GBU-39 winged bombs are known as small diameter bombs, and they weigh about 110 kilograms.

Missiles with destructive warheads

An Israeli official, who requested anonymity, told Reuters that the Israeli army “chooses warheads that have the lethal force necessary to bomb those who should be bombed,” adding that the strikes are preceded by accurate intelligence.

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Videos filmed by residents using smart phones or recorded by the Israeli army or the media revealed that some explosions are controlled inside one apartment or lead to the demolition of a tower while neighboring buildings remain intact.

But in other cases, television clips show residential buildings or homes in Gaza being demolished or destroyed by explosions, whether as a result of direct bombardment or damage resulting from the bombing, according to Reuters.

The videos that were published for the moment the destruction of the Al-Jalaa Tower showed that it was targeted with missiles several times before it collapsed completely, in a scene similar to the destruction of the residential Al-Shorouk Tower.

As the military escalation entered its second week, today, Monday, Israel intensified its bombardment with rockets on the night of Sunday – Monday on the Strip, and the Israeli army announced that it had attacked in the evening hours about 35 targets within 20 minutes with 54 combat aircraft, and about 110 missiles were used in the bombing that targeted Gaza .

It is noteworthy that the number of victims of the continuous Israeli military aggression on Gaza rose yesterday, Sunday, to 197 martyrs, including 58 children and 34 women, in addition to 1235 wounded, in addition to 21 martyrs and hundreds of wounded in the occupied West Bank, according to the Ministry of Health.

While 10 Israelis were killed and hundreds were wounded, during rocket shelling by Palestinian factions from Gaza towards areas in Israel.

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