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Saudi activist Hind Al-Qahtani participated in the celebration of the 36th birthday of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, with a controversial dance compass.

(Oh dear home)

Hind Al-Qahtani published a video clip through her account on (Snapchat), in which she appeared in a short white dress and danced to the song (Ya Ezz Al-Dar) by the Iraqi artist Majid Al-Muhandis.

In the same video, Hind Al-Qahtani reviewed a photo she received from one of her fans, in which she appeared to be wearing a wedding dress, holding the torch of the Statue of Liberty.

Hind Al-Qahtani in a wedding dress

Hind commented on the photo: (Wow, look at the painting by God. Crazy, holding the candle of the Statue of Liberty, what is this creativity, once I liked it).

And she continued: (This time is similar to me, yes, this is Hinduism, even the body, hair and shape, but the forehead is a little smaller than my forehead, it looks like the same person who sent these drawings).

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Hind Al-Qahtani was criticized for her dancing, so the comments came: (Glory be to God, the person who does not have any content or goal has a willingness to compromise his morals and religion, what was the return).

(The sins of the free)

And another wrote: (There is no benefit in this dance, as is the sins of the vain one).

Another ridiculed in his comment, saying: (Oh God, you give it or take it, take it dear, powerful, and make it a sermon for those who consider it).

Another doubted that Hind Al-Qahtani gets money for her dancing, and commented: (She takes how much money for dancing?).

Another accused her of only trying to attract attention, commenting:

Another asked: (As long as she knows that Saudi Arabia is the home of glory, why does she come out of it while she is far away, dancing to her songs? Well, at least I respect the customs and traditions of the environment from which I came out by leaving the issue of religion aside, since she says you have no religious income. Salvation speaks with your morals and I wish she would return to her licking and repent to her Lord. I feel for her from These sins are for the vain. These are the Prime Time Zone whom you show off, they will benefit from them on the Day of Judgment).

Weeks ago, activists circulated on social networking sites a picture that they said was a list of unrelated Arab celebrities, who wished that Hind Al-Qahtani would be associated with one of them.

In the photo, the names of the celebrities came, they are the Syrian actor Tim Hassan, the famous Saudi social media, Saad Al-Enezi, nicknamed (Small Cappuccino).

Also on the list were Iraqi artist Majed Al-Muhandis, Saudi activist Abdul Rahman Al-Mutairi, and Saudi rally champion Yazid Al-Rajhi.

But the picture was later deleted, and technical accounts stated that the reason was that the name of Saad Al-Anzi was mentioned by Al-Qahtani by mistake, or that the picture was fabricated and not real.

Hind was mocked, and tweets accused her of looking for money only, especially since all of the Prime Time Zone I mentioned are rich and connected, which sparked controversy.

Hind Al-Qahtani reveals the truth

But Hind denied, through a video clip that she posted on her personal account in (Snapchat), that she had published a list of celebrities who wanted to be associated with one of them.
Hind Al-Qahtani said: (All of you are my followers and all of you know what I publish and what I publish, from how many days they released a list of celebrities that I wrote it, and they spoke about celebrities I admire, not true, and by God, I did not reveal anything, nor did I mention names, nor did I write anything).

And she continued: (They took advantage of the fact that the screen is black, and took it and wrote the names and my name is written from above.. By God, I did not write anything or write anything, and it is impossible to write anything, and I do not know where these names came from).

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Hind published a group of personal photos of her and commented: (I want to tell you something. Do not believe the fabricators. The list of names of male celebrities, which I claim from falsehood that I wrote forged and unfounded. I do not think of them, nor do I think of any of them, for reasons that I keep to myself.

Hind Al-Qahtani: My father loves and I love

The beginning was when Hind announced her desire to be associated with and marry an Arab celebrity, provided that he loves her and loves him, and takes care of her children.

Hind Al-Qahtani published a video via (Snapchat), while she was enjoying the song (I want someone to love), by the Lebanese singer Nancy Ajram, and then she said: (By God, the great, from my father’s grandfather, I love and love).

And the Saudi activist continued: (The search for love is still going on, I know that many Prime Time Zone love me from behind the screen.. But what did he know me and how do I know that this man really loves me madly).

Hind revealed that she wants a love devoid of interests, adding: (There are famous men she admires very much, but I dare say that there are likely to be women in their lives… and it is possible that he does not like me, and I do not like his style or taste, or that my personality does not like it).

List of Arab celebrities admired by Hind!

Then Hind made a strange suggestion and said: (What do you think I mention the list of Arab celebrities (unrelated) that I admire very much… because if one of them likes my personality, communication takes place, then acquaintance, then love and then association).

Hind recounted the characteristics of the lover she wished for, saying: (I hope he is a good, handsome, decent and responsible man).

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