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Saudi activist Hind Al-Qahtani is facing accusations of trafficking in her children, after photographing her youngest daughter wearing a long T-shirt without pants.

(You’re going crazy, go and see us)

Hind Al-Qahtani’s daughter appeared in the video that her mother filmed and published on (Snapchat), while she was playing with her mobile phone, before her mother surprised her with a request to show her clothes to the followers.

Hind says in the video: (Come on, my heart, and God knows how to coordinate, dress you crazy, get up and show us), then focuses the camera on her daughter’s legs, and says: (Do you see the shoes?).

Which sparked a wave of anger against her from the followers, so the comments came: (By God, is this life and bliss for you? What is the fault of the children that you trade them with this content?

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(You win with the children’s body)

And another wrote: (I got rid of visions that came upon Dhul-Miskinah).

And he sent another message to the Saudi Ministry of Commerce, in which he wrote: (Do you agree to earn money from the children’s body through advertisements among female fugitives and refugees in America? We are waiting for a decision banning advertising among female fugitives from the law to the extent that your care is unable to fine her because she is a fugitive).

Another commented, directing her speech to Al-Qahtani:

Another expected that Hind’s daughters would be forced to do what their mother does, so he wrote: “I feel that her daughters are poor, forced to follow their mother’s requests and they portray everything she tells them about.”

Another mentioned it to the hadith of the Prophet and wrote: “All of you are a shepherd, and every shepherd is responsible for his flock.”

Another noted Hind’s focus on certain areas in her daughter’s photography, and wrote: (The first time I see alone she does not have a feeling and others on her daughters, I mean, what is the purpose of photographing and displaying them and focusing on certain areas, in which God fears your show).

And another comment: (I seek refuge in God from the wrath of God. God does not afflict us with what has afflicted her. She exposes the flesh of her daughters. Glory be to God, may God guide her and lift her up).

A bold vision

This is not the first time that the Saudi activist has caused an uproar because of her daughters. She previously published a video in which her daughter, Rua, appeared with a bold look, accompanied by her friends outside the house.

The clip at the time sparked anger and resentment from the public, and they considered it inappropriate for her to publish her daughter’s photos in this way without any objection or concern for her.

Hind Al-Qahtani’s daughter appeared during the video wearing an open-shoulder black and white “top” with a leather jacket, but some details of the bold top appeared.

Hind Al-Qahtani photographing her daughter from behind

Hind Al-Qahtani also appeared in another video, while she was in one of the shops, accompanied by her daughter, Rua, who seemed surprised when her mother filmed her from behind, to show her butt, which angered the girl who has not yet completed her 16th year.

Hind Al-Qahtani’s filming of her daughter’s back in this way angered activists who denounced what she was doing with her teenage daughter, destroying her identity and integrating her into the world of temptation, vulgarity, trading in her daughter’s body and scratching her innocence for the sake of fame only.

Awakening remnants!

At the time, the Saudi activist accused critics of her depiction of her daughter from behind, of being “the remnants of the Awakening” and of the Brotherhood’s ideology, as she put it.

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Hind Al-Qahtani attacked her critics fiercely, and said in a video she posted on “Snapchat”: “Wake up, you patients, you deranged Prime Time Zone, you remnants of awakening, you Prime Time Zone of brotherhood thought; Our bodies are not awrah, what exactly do you want!”

Hind Al-Qahtani continued: “You want to cut our meat and fat so that our bodies become like rulers to satisfy you.”

She added, “I mean, if our bodies were like a ruler, then our bodies were not awrah, but if our bodies were female, then no movement we make is counted against us, and we mean to stir up sedition and instincts.”

Hind captured!

Hind faced a rumor that she was arrested and taken for investigation at the San Diego County Police Department in California.

Saudi activist Ryan Geller published a photo through his account on (Snapchat) of the police record confirming the news of the arrest of Hind Al-Qahtani, and wrote in his comment: (Hind Al-Qahtani is pending investigation in San Diego on charges of exploiting her children. It is only pending investigation into a contrary matter, and there is no charge so far.. and this picture is from the California police registry).

And news accounts on Twitter have previously circulated news of the arrest of one of the famous (Snapchat) in America for exploiting her children in video clips in order to achieve a financial return, a controversy on social networking sites.

But Hind Al-Qahtani came out at a later time, and confirmed that it was false news, threatening to resort to the judiciary to hold her divorced accountable, in reference to Rayan.

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