His last words did not reach them .. (Anas al-Yazji and Shaima Abu al-Auf) are two lovers who were separated by an Israeli missile in Gaza | A nation is tweeting out of tune


In a brutal bombardment of the Rimal neighborhood in Gaza City, the Israeli occupation planes ended a love story that brought together Anas Al-Yazji and Shaima Abu Al-Auf and culminated in an unfinished engagement, following the martyrdom of the girl Shaima and all of her family members last Monday.

Painful details

And video clips, monitored by “Watan”, showed the Palestinian youth Anas Al-Yazji telling the details of his loss of his fiancée, “Shaima”, whom he intended to marry after Eid Al-Fitr.

Shaima Abu Al-Auf

Al-Yazji said that for more than two months, he has been preparing the apartment to marry Shaima, the dentist after the Eid, indicating that he sent her a letter asking her where she is, and she replied that she was here, so that suddenly the Israeli bombing of Gaza began. it did not arrive”.

“They took out the martyrs after the bombing,” Anas Al-Yazji added.

He added, “Al-Yazji” is smiling: God is pleased with the martyrdom that she obtained, and seventy of her Prime Time Zone will enter the committee, and I am one of them.

The clip also showed Anas’s participation in the funeral and prayer for his beloved, in addition to the burial and supplication for her.

Deep sadness prevails on social networking sites

The story of Anas Al-Yazji and Shaima Abu Al-Auf sparked a great interaction among the pioneers of social networking sites, expressing their deep sadness at the sad end of them.

Al-Jazeera journalist, Ahmed Mansour, said: “This young man, Anas Al-Yazji, summarizes the strength and toughness of the Prime Time Zone of Gaza. Now these are Prime Time Zone above humanity, whom God created with a special model to confront global Zionism and its heinous crimes.”

He added, “His bride was martyred by an Israeli bombing before their wedding. They saw the firmness of faith and the strength of patience. When the Palestinians deal with their misfortunes, Israel will not remain in front of them.”

The head of the Euro-Med Center, Rami Abdo, said: “One of the difficult moments, whose cruelty cannot be described, is pulling the loved ones out of the rubble.”

Abdo added: “In the 2014 war, I accompanied my friend Yasser Abu Hin on a journey to pull his father and nephew from under the rubble. The family could not find any traces of the bodies. Evaporated! ”

He continued, “In this photo, Anas Al-Yazji is trying to help recover the body of his lover and fiancée, Shaima.”

Ezz Jamal said: “After a two-and-a-half-year engagement, and two weeks before joy, Anas al-Yazji is searching for his fiancée Shaima Abu Auf among the rubble left by an Israeli air strike in Gaza City, where he found her a martyr.”

Wide interaction

The case sparked widespread interaction and deep sadness among the pioneers of social networking sites.

An unfinished wedding

The groom, Anas Al-Yazji, was scheduled to celebrate their wedding with his bride Shaima after Eid Al-Fitr, but the Israeli aggression that began on the Gaza Strip eight days ago did not allow them to do so, after the bride was martyred after the bombing of her family’s home directly.

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The residential architecture that includes the “bride’s apparatus” was transformed into a pile of rubble, and many civilian martyrs died underneath it, while toiletries, perfume bottles, and gifts were scattered among the demolished stones, to paint an integrated painting of pain and pain mixed with loss.

The violent shelling of the area, without giving any warning to civilians, led to the death of 43 civilians, as a result of the destruction of three residential buildings on the heads of their inhabitants, in addition to transforming the safe residential area into an abandoned area, full of dust.

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