His voice made millions cry .. This is the fate of the vocalist Ahmed Al-Khattab, who appeared from inside the “oil harragas” in the “Imran” program | A nation is tweeting out of tune


A young Syrian man sparked a wide wave of interaction on social media after the spread of a video of him chanting inside the crude oil refineries in northern Syria.

A sweet voice inside an oil burner

The beginning was during the filming of the Sudanese sports commentator “Swar Al-Dhahab”, for an episode of his Ramadan program “Omran”, which is shown on Qatar TV, about child labor and the difficult living conditions of the Prime Time Zone in Syria.

During filming the episode, Sawar al-Dhahab heard the voice of that young man from inside one of the harragas, which caught his attention and made him very affected.

And the gold bracelet gave peace to the young man to come out of the harraga, and his face is covered with charcoal, and signs of fatigue and misery appear on him.

Gold bracelet is crying

After he praised the young man’s voice, Sawar al-Dhahab asked him to perform another song that made the presenter affected to the point of crying, and he knew from the young man that he was entertaining himself by singing.

The “Omran” program team decided to help the “minstrel” whose name turned out to be “Ahmed Al-Khattab,” as “Siwar Al-Dahab” was announced. The program will take care of his study expenses and give him money for what he used to earn from his work in oil refining burners, and it will also help him to hone his talent that affected everyone.

Vocalist Ahmed Al-Khattab

The young Syrian made a promise to the program team and himself, to work to change his status, complete his studies and quit working in oil refining burners.

The story of the Syrian vocalist Ahmed Al-Khattab received a great response on social networking sites, praising the talent of the young man and the contribution of the program.

“Imran” program

The “Omran” program, produced by Qatar State TV, conveys the reality of Syrians in northwestern Syria.

In the first and second episodes, the program shed light on the reality of education in northwestern Syria, as the program was transferred. Video recordings of children learning in rows of tents, after their schools were bombed.

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In the third episode, the program spoke about child labor in northern Syria under harsh conditions, by shedding light on their work in oil burners.

Child labor in Syria

It is noteworthy that the crude oil refining stations are located near the Al-Hamran area in Jarablus countryside, in the north-eastern Aleppo Governorate. Children and young Prime Time Zone resort to it to work or take advantage of waste collection to keep warm.

As primitive oil burners spread in northern Syria, after fuel supplies were cut to the region in late 2011. And the Prime Time Zone became dependent on alternative means such as wood.

The phenomenon of child labor has spread in Syria significantly, especially in the last ten years, and the percentage of child labor has increased significantly.

The main reason for this phenomenon is the war and its repercussions, and the economic blockade on Syria, which increased poverty, and decreased the value of the local currency.

The Coronavirus crisis came to apply more to the suffering of the Syrian Prime Time Zone and contributed to the phenomenon of child labor getting out of control.

Business owners also contribute to the spread of the phenomenon by covering up the working children and not declaring them because it is profitable for the owners of the workshops, as they pay wages for children much less than what they pay for the official worker, which complicates the work of the inspection and control committees to address this phenomenon.

Angelina Jolie tells the horrors of Syria

The American star “Angelina Jolie” previously wrote an article about the suffering of Syrians from the war as she lived it on the ground, during which she narrated that she visited the Jordanian borders months after the start of the war in Syria in 2011, and a number of Syrian families were crossing the border under cover of darkness and shells.

International star Angelina Jolie says that a doctor at the border center told her about a family that had recently arrived, who carried with them their wounded 8-year-old son and his amputated leg. The amputated foot is with them while they are fleeing in the hope that it will somehow be reattached.

In the article published in the American TIME magazine, Jolie indicated that she had hoped that stories like this painful story would compel the rich and powerful countries of the world to intervene to stop the violence, but despite the passage of 9 years, the destruction of the children’s generation and the damage inflicted on a multi-ethnic secular society did not affect them. To these states or pay them to help or answer.

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