Hit by an unknown weapon… An Israeli cargo ship is on fire in the northern Indian Ocean! | A homeland tweeting outside the flock


The Lebanese Al-Mayadeen channel quoted reliable sources as saying that an Israeli cargo ship was on fire in the northern Indian Ocean.

The sources stated that the Israeli merchant ship was hit by an unknown weapon.

The sources confirmed that the Israeli ship was anchored in the port of Jeddah before moving towards the UAE coast.

Targeting an Israeli cargo ship..no one has claimed responsibility

She added that no one has claimed responsibility for this targeting so far.

The same sources said that it is not possible to determine who was behind the accident.

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The sources pointed out that it is remarkable that the incident came a day after news of an Israeli attack on a march west of Tehran.

Iranian media reported on June 23 that a march attack targeted a building in the city of Karaj.

On the other hand, the Hebrew newspaper Maariv said that the ship that was attacked in the Indian Ocean is believed to be owned by an Israeli businessman, and according to what is known, its path is not connected to “Israel” and there are no Israelis on board, and there were no reports of casualties.

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