Ho Min … Diana Karazon reveals her pregnancy in an unconventional way | A nation is tweeting out of tune


Jordanian actress Diana Karazon has decided the news about her pregnancy, especially after appearing in a long Moroccan caftan in one of her private concerts.

Who is he?

Diana Karazon decided to announce her pregnancy in her own way, as she released a video clip entitled “Ho Min” via “YouTube”. Accompanied by her husband Moaz Al-Omari.

Then Diana Karazon, through her official account on “Instagram”, published a picture of a golden necklace in the form of a pregnant woman in the last scene of her song “Ho Min”.

Diana Karazon commented on the picture, saying: “Love is like the first time, it takes your feeling by nature. A moment comes and every idea, together with it, is lost.”

Diana Karazon thanks her fans

The audience understood Diana Karazon’s message as announcing the pregnancy, and the blessings poured in on her and her husband with blessings and wished her baby would come safely. What made her pay special thanks to them.

Diana Karazon published a clip from the clip and commented: “Love comes for no reason, there are no restrictions for it, it does not come with money, and it is not taken with beauty. It is not measured by age is a destiny. Thank you to everyone who blesses me and forbid the pregnancy. The joy that comes after we healed it from you was the sweetest and most precious love, and God does not deprive me of you.

Wide caftan and bulge suspicious

A few weeks ago, news spread about Diana Karazon’s pregnancy after she appeared at a private party wearing a caftan. Moroccan long and looked a little swollen.

The form of Diana Karazon at the time sparked controversy and questions, while the Jordanian artist was silent, and confirmed in a press interview that the topic is private. She refrained from talking about the news at the time.

Diana Curzon surprise her husband

Diana Karazon surprised her husband Moaz Al-Omari on the occasion of the one-year anniversary of the announcement of their engagement, which coincided with the start of his new program, “With Moaz.” It is presented by Radio Melody Jordan.

Activists then shared a video clip of Moaz while he was inside the studio during the live broadcast of his first episode, while one of his colleagues made an introduction. Cake template written on it, “Congratulations to the program with Moaz .. You are the king of the air and you are the king of my heart.”

At this moment, the radio broadcast an audio clip of Diana Karazon on the program, in which she said: “Moaz, I loved to insult you on my way. You are the king of the air and the king of my heart.”

Tamimi dreams incident to the forefront again

However, Moaz Al-Omari’s return to the same radio station with a new program exposed it to the attack of some audiences who did not forget what he had previously done with the freed captive Ahlam Al-Tamimi. Which was the reason for the end of his first program and the withdrawal of supporters of the program.

Ahlam Al-Tamimi was appealing to the Jordanian monarch, King Abdullah II, to allow her husband Nizar Al-Tamimi to return to Jordan after Amman refused to renew his residency. And he was forced to go to the Qatari capital, Doha.

During an intervention by Ahlam Al-Tamimi in the program with the broadcasters Jihad Abu Baidar and Moaz Al-Omari, communication with “Ahlam” was cut off under the pretext of a break in the voice. And contact her later, although the voice was clear.

Ahlam was not referred to again or given any opportunity to speak.

At the time, the broadcasters’ behavior with the editor, “Al-Tamimi,” sparked discontent among the pioneers of social networking sites and launched a strong attack on them.

Days after the incident, the Jordanian broadcaster, Jihad Abu Baidar, resigned from Melody Radio live.

While Moaz Al-Omari revealed that he and his colleague, Jihad Abu Baidar, had actually cut off the connection of the freed captive Ahlam Al-Tamimi, and said at the time a video he posted on his Facebook account. “The voice of truth and truth is not interrupted. We asked Ahlam Al-Tamimi, and I send her a great greeting, for she appeared with us for the first time.”

He continued: “I send a billion greetings to her that she did not appear with us the second time, because we really cut off the connection, and she went out on the air the second day. On the third day, we lied and said that we did not cut the connection.

Moaz reveals the details

Al-Omari added, “But we cut off the call and I am responsible for my words, and I gave my colleague Jihad Abu Baidar full and sufficient opportunity. To clarify what happened, but he came out with an hour-long video in which there is no part of the truth, except that we asked for her to appear and coordinated her connection. This video does not represent me and this defense does not represent me, because it is not a reality. ”

Al-Omari described what happened at the time as a “strange chaos”, stressing that he would not accept to be a part of it, revealing more details of what happened later. He said, “I went to Jihad before the video was published, and I asked him to show me its content, but he refused.”

Al-Omari confirmed that when he took Ahlam al-Tamimi’s call, there was anxiety, knee and panic inside the studio, and they took signals to cut off the connection. Adding. “But the movement of my hand was clear not to cut the connection, but my colleague gave the signal to stop.”

Al-Omari expressed his anger at what happened later in the attack on the radio and broadcasters, and said: “This is what happened, and it is not permissible for us to try. Obliterating the truth, our mothers and sisters. And our family was insulted, why? Because there is no man to admit and come out and say yes we cut off the connection. Because if we are not men behind the mics, this whole profession is not binding on us. ”

Al-Omari hinted at the time that he might lose his job because of this confession, and said: “I don’t care if I lose the money in this world, but I do. I will not lose to be reconciled. With myself before I am reconciled with Prime Time Zone, I will not lie and invent plays, and all I want is to respect myself. Yes, we cut off the sound, and Ahlam Al-Tamimi’s voice was intermittent, but not in vain. Who did that, I don’t know, and there is no justification.

Diana Karazon marriage

It is noteworthy that Diana Karazon married Jordanian Moaz Al-Omari in 2020, with a simple wedding ceremony that was limited to the presence of her family and a number of friends.

The Jordanian security summoned Al-Maaz Al-Omari immediately after the end of their wedding ceremony, even though the newlyweds adhered to the defense law regarding the number of attendees, not to exceed 20 Prime Time Zone. However, the same law now prohibits the holding of weddings or condolences, due to the increasing number of Coronavirus cases in the country.

Moaz Al-Omari revealed at the time the truth about what happened to him in the security center and wrote on Facebook: “To some yellow media shops, I am Henny here and I am summoned. To find out the details of the wedding in terms of numbers, and the General Security officers were uncovered, and the affairs are complete … Thank you for the public security, they have not failed … you see, yellow press, summons, not arrest, and thank you for the blessing.

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