“Housing”: removing encroachments on an area of ​​59 acres in the new city of Fayoum


Assem Al-Jazzar, Minister of Housing, Utilities and Urban Communities, said that a magnifying campaign was carried out to remove encroachments on an area of ​​59.12 acres, in the fourth district area behind the new National University land east of the western Egypt-Assiut Road and east of the residential block, in the new city of Fayoum, which was prepared for seasonal cultivation by some trespassers.

The Minister of Housing stressed that there are mandates for all the heads of the new cities’ agencies, to deal immediately with any cases that are considered, or violations, so these practices will not be allowed to return again, and they will be dealt decisively, and in accordance with the law, so that random phenomena do not move to new cities.

Engineer Abdelwahab Somaida, head of the New Fayoum City Development Authority, added that the campaign resulted in the removal of all encroachments on the land area, in addition to taking legal measures against the aggressors, in cooperation between the relevant departments of the agency, the construction police and the city’s utility police.

Engineer Abdelwahab Somaida affirmed the continuation of campaigns to remove infringements and violations, to confirm the prestige of the state and prevent random phenomena throughout the city.

The article “Housing”: The removal of encroachments on an area of ​​59 acres in the new city of Fayoum was written in Al Borsa newspaper.