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The authorities in the UAE announced the inclusion of individuals and institutions on the lists of “alleged” terrorism, including opposition names, most notably Ahmed Al Shaiba Al Nuaimi.

The Emirates News Agency said that the Cabinet issued a decision that included the inclusion of 38 individuals and 15 entities on the list of terrorism approved in the country, on which persons, entities and organizations supporting terrorism are listed.

She explained that the ministerial decision comes within the framework of the UAE’s keenness to target and disrupt networks associated with the financing of terrorism and the activities associated with it.

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The decision called on all supervisory authorities to “follow up and limit any individuals or entities affiliated with or associated with any financial, commercial or technical relationship, and to take the necessary measures according to the laws in force in the country in less than 24 hours.”

Who are these Prime Time Zone who included the UAE on the lists of terrorism?

Prominent among the list are the Emirati dissidents (Ahmed Al Shaiba Al Nuaimi, Mohammed Saqr Al Zaabi, Hamad Mohammed Al Shamsi, and Saeed Nasser Al Tunaiji). All of them are sentenced in absentia to long prison terms after being convicted of belonging to the Islah Association.

The four activists emerged with tweets and media materials in which they introduced the violations against detainees in the UAE.

The four were also active in their rejection of the official Emirati normalization with the Israeli occupation last year. Together with others, they established an Emirati association that rejects normalization.

And Ahmed Shayba Al Nuaimi He is one of the most prominent advocates of reform in the UAE and chairs the International Research Center and the Emirates Anti-Normalization League. Specialist in educational psychology.

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The Emirati authorities prevent Al-Nuaimi from meeting his son, who has cerebral palsy for 9 years

Al-Nuaimi only commented on the inclusion of his name in the lists of terrorism, according to the UAE authorities, by commenting on his account via “Twitter”, saying: “She threw her disease at me and slipped away.”

Al-Nuaimi’s comment sparked the madness of the electronic committees that insulted him after his name was included in the UAE terrorism lists.

In a related context, the list included figures from Lebanon, Iran, Yemen, Afghanistan, India, and others.

Here is the rest of the list:

5 – Hassan Hussein Tabaja (Lebanon)

6- Adham Hussein Tabaja (Lebanon)

7 – Muhammad Ahmad Musaad Saeed “Yemen”

8 – Haider Habib Ali (Iraq)

9 – Bassem Youssef Hussein Al Shaghanbi (Iraq)

10 – Sharif Ahmed Sharif Ba’alawi “Yemen”

11 – Manoj Saparwal or Prakash (India)

12 – Rashid Saleh Saleh Al Jarmozi “Yemen”

13 – Nayef Nasser Saleh Al Jarmozi (Yemen)

14 – Zabihullah Abdul Qaher Durrani “Afghanistan”

15- Suleiman Saleh Salem Aboulan (Yemen)

16 – Adel Ahmed Salem Obaid Ali Badra “Yemen”

17 – Ali Nasser Asiri “Saudi Arabia”

18 – Fadel Saleh Salem Al-Tayabi “Yemen”

19 – Ashour Omar Ashour Obaidoun “Yemen”

20 – Hazem Mohsen Al-Farhan + Hazem Mohsen Farhan “Syria”

21 – Mehdi Aziz Ilah Kiasti “Iran”

22 – Farshad Jaafar Hakimzadeh (Iran)

23 – Seyyed Reza Seyyed Mohammad Qassemi (Iran)

24 – Mohsen Hassan Karkarhejt “Iran”

25 – Ibrahim Mahmoud Ahmad Muhammad “Iran”

26 – Osama Hussein Daghim (Syria)

27 – Abdul Rahman Addo Musa (Nigeria)

28 – Saleh Yusuf Adamu (Nigeria)

29 – Bashir Ali Yusuf (Nigeria)

30 – Mohamed Ibrahim Issa (Nigeria)

31 – Ibrahim Ali Al-Hassan (Nigeria)

32 – Surago Abubakar Muhammed (Nigeria)

33 – Alaa Khanfoura or Alaa Abdul Razzaq Ali Khanfoura or Alaa Khanfurah “Syria”

34 – Fadi Said Kamar, Fadi Saeed Kamar (Britain)

35 – Walid Kamel Awad “Saint Kitts – Nevis”

36 – Khaled Walid Awad “Syria”

37 – Emad Khalek Kondakze (Russia)

38 – Muhammad Ayman Tayseer Rashid Al-Marayati “Jordan”

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The entities included in the list include:

1 – Athar Al Raya Trading Company

2 – FZE Hamriya Arzo International Co. FZE

3 – Hanan Shipping Company

4 – Four Corners Petroleum Company

5 – Sasco Logistics Company

6 – Al Jarmozi General Trading Company

7 – Al Jarmozi Shipping and Clearing Company (L.L.C/)

8 – Al Jarmozi Company for Transporting Materials by Heavy and Light Trucks / LLC/

9 – Nasser Al Jarmozi General Trading Company (L.L.C/),

10 – Nasser Al Jarmozi Shipping and Clearing Company LLC

11 – Wave Tech Computer LLC

12 – NYPI Trading – FZE

13 – KCL General Trading FZE

14 – Alinma Group

15 – Al-Amqi & Brothers Exchange Company

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