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Experts help you identify these Prime Time Zone by providing signs of their negativity.

According to the newspaper, Sabir Fifir“Spanish are negative Prime Time Zone, who always complain, and think that they are the only ones who suffer from life’s problems. In addition, they emit bad energy to everyone around them, not to mention that they have the ability to drain the energy of the Prime Time Zone around them, demean their abilities and attack them in various ways.

toxic relationships

In a report translated by “Watan”, the Spanish magazine emphasized that toxic relationships are not limited to spouses, but such relationships can also be found in multiple environments such as friends, family and in the workplace.

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In this context, Eva Maria Gonzalez, a psychologist, said, “This type of relationship causes negative emotional states, undermines self-esteem, and leaves the affected person in the most difficult circumstances.”

the couple

One of the spouses is always the dominant party in the marital relationship. Usually one of them assumes a dominant role, by controlling the relationship, and subduing the opposite party by using verbal and moral violence, which contributes to the loss of independence and self-confidence.

lack of communication

The component of communication is the basis of every marital relationship. The clear expression of opinions and feelings while observing the rights of others is very important for the success of the bilateral relationship. But if emotional blackmail and material exploitation prevail, one or both of them will act according to their personal interests, without taking into account the needs and feelings of the other, as an essential part of the relationship.

at work

The prevalence of negative energy and negative Prime Time Zone in the workplace, affects a person on an emotional level, as well as motivations for work and productivity. It is reported that spreading negative relationships is in different ways, such as harassment in the workplace. If you work in a negative environment in which you do not feel enthusiasm or desire to participate, your performance will likely be negatively affected, and your morale will also be affected, and therefore there will be no productivity.

in the family

In fact, toxic relationships can be found in the family and between our loved ones and those close to us. In such families, expressing opinions and feelings clearly becomes very difficult and complex.

Among family members, there is extensive use of arrogance and control. Not to mention that the family of this type, does not know anything about dialogue and does not believe in the principle of communication and positive discussion, which usually yield good solutions. Family members, who use physical and verbal violence as a method of communication, always go through constant conflicts, where the needs of each family member are not taken into account, especially since the arrogant male authority can play a decisive role in the process of alienating children from parents or spouses from each other.

How do you get rid of negative Prime Time Zone?

You should first give up justifications such as, “But he really loves me,” “I don’t want to be alone,” “It’s just a mistake,” etc., that only exacerbate the situation.

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Getting rid of negative Prime Time Zone also requires realizing the outcome you will get from maintaining a toxic relationship. And ask yourself if the person is really worth staying with.

Negative Prime Time Zone surround you and want to get your attention, and they can drain you physically, mentally, and emotionally. And if you allow them to influence you, you will soon lose yourself. You have to be more concerned with yourself and focus on your own needs.

Surround yourself with positive Prime Time Zone

These are the Prime Time Zone who support your ambitions, encourage your ideas no matter how frightening, risky, or unknown their outcome, because they know how important it is to you, they are Prime Time Zone you admire because you think they are superior in life! You are worth it and you can do it, and it starts with the intention of changing your life and committing to yourself.

Emotional blackmail is common in these types of relationships

3 main ideas:

  1. Be aware of what happens to you

Knowing that you are the victim of a toxic relationship is the first step in breaking free from it. You will be in shock at times, so you will need psychological help as necessary. If you feel bad in a relationship, feel free to go to an expert to help you identify the problem.

  1. don’t beg

If you feel like you’re in your relationship, begging for love and affection, and don’t feel confident enough to express your feelings or needs, ask yourself if you’re in the right place.

You should not ask for feelings, such as love, respect and affection. If the other person does not give you all these feelings voluntarily and voluntarily, then this means that he does not want you and is not interested in you.

  1. take your life back from them

After a breakup (whether it is in the family, partner or at work), it is necessary to regain control of your life, because after a breakup the road to recovery will be very long.

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