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In the manner of Hollywood films, six prisoners in Gilboa prison began to implement their old new idea, by digging a narrow trench from their darkened cell, outside the prison walls, there where the sun was waiting for them, and rejoiced when they shone with it from inside that tunnel that became the talk of the world.

The six prisoners ranted about some simple tools that were the hope for them to complete digging the tunnel, and for many months, they worked day and night, with that hanging or a simple tool that would not exceed a sharp tool the size of a finger, until they finished completing their idea and digging the tunnel, and the zero hour came That they take off those brown clothes and run towards the sun and the high mountains, it doesn’t matter if they return to that dungeon after a few minutes of freedom in the beautiful Bisan; Perhaps these prisoners know that they will go out and return to that cell, but they wanted to teach the Israeli occupation a lesson in the willpower that prisoners enjoy inside prisons, and that freedom is snatched away despite all the impossibilities that humans made in that box called “Gilboa” prison and built by the Irish. With specifications that exceeded prisons during the first and second world wars, and in the manner of Irish prisons in which members of the Irish secret army are arrested.

Gilboa and Zakaria Zubeidi Tunnel

How can an idea that grew up with the prisoner Zakaria al-Zubaidi take this amount of the actual truth on the ground, how is it not possible, and he is the one who titled his master’s thesis at Birzeit University a few days before his arrest, entitled, “The Hunter and the Dragon… The Hunt in the Palestinian Experience”, As if he knew that he would return to chase the occupation and not vice versa, how deep was this thesis in its content, as if it was a life map for him after his freedom was taken away with that thesis that carried with it many miracles that the world witnessed with its own eyes the day before yesterday from the mouth of the narrow trench that was lit by the sun disk on the morning The Monday that history will remember and call it Freedom Day.

The Prime Time Zone of the world have heard the news

That morning, which was not an ordinary morning, not only at the level of the Palestinian Prime Time Zone, but also at the level of the free Prime Time Zone of the world, so all means of communication and satellite channels began to tell this fictional story, and it became the talk of film directors and producers around the world; How could they not have produced films that were purely fiction for them, and these imaginary ideas could not be translated, except by acting as a spectator and using skilled international actors.

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In one of the scenes of the Palestinian series “The Spirit,” the prisoners in the prison dug a tunnel to liberate themselves, under the lights of the cameras and the ready-made arrangements to take out the series for display, embodying the prisoners’ suffering and their yearning for freedom, and the size of their will, which does not know the impossible even in a cell surrounded by walls, soldiers and watchtowers. which submitted to the will of the six captives that night.

May God protect the captive Mahmoud Abdullah Arida, Muhammad Qasim Arida, Yaqoub Mahmud Qadri, Ayham Nayef Kammaji, Zakaria Zubaidi, and Yaqoub Infiat; Those who, willingly, wrote an honorable history that the world will write about, and generations will talk about, and it will be written in books, and will be addressed in university curricula and novels.

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