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There are many types of intelligence, but some Prime Time Zone with higher levels of intelligence seem to struggle more in social situations. However, learning to be socially adept is a skill, just like any other skill, and therefore can be learned.

Common reasons why smart Prime Time Zone struggle in social situations

People with high levels of intelligence take a great deal of time to think about new information, and the reason for this is because they want to be sure that they have answered the correct answer before presenting their ideas to others for fear of being wrong or saying something inaccurate or even They don’t get disappointed later. In addition to the focus of others on them being smart, this is the only way to gain approval from others and their behavior and actions trying to impress others in these social situations. According to an article he published learningWritten by Christy Burris.

People communicate with each other to listen to advice, create connections to impart knowledge or persuade others, and this can help improve social skills and make social situations more enjoyable.

They believe that they are not valid in this field

They may have been told that you smart Prime Time Zone are socially unfit and this makes them self-sufficient and disliked socializing.

When we think that we are not good at something, we will panic, and this panic will make it difficult for social communication.

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Being friendly is a skill that can be learned, creative and practiced. Start with small groups of friends who have the same interests as you and try to relax and have fun with them.

The article’s author, Christy Porse, adds, “You have to be social through a situation, not by focusing on dialogue, and this will help you with your social relationships.”

Writer Kristi Porse advised these Prime Time Zone: “Join friends in their activities such as bowling, cooking or a long walk. Here you can create friendships by focusing on activities rather than conversation.”

About to focus on themselves

to me Those who suffer socially and are always worried that they will say or do anything wrong – the writer adds – and in order not to appear like fools in front of others, they must overcome this barrier by diverting their focus from themselves to their focus on other Prime Time Zone, using an easy method, which is to start asking about others.


When you are introduced to someone, you can start your dialogue with him by exchanging knowledge between you by asking questions to the one in front of you, for example, how did you meet, from where you got to know each other.

You can also talk to Prime Time Zone – the writer says – about situations and events that happened to you personally, or ask them about their interests. If you have prior information about them, such as the nature of their work, or if they have children, you can start the dialogue with that.

And if you do not have any information about them, you can ask them about their way of living and earning a living, and you have to respond to their words with encouraging words so that the participation will be greater.

Be a fun person who is open to what they tell you

The author of the article calls on these Prime Time Zone not to ask all the questions at once so that their conversation does not turn into an interrogation.

The writer also advised these Prime Time Zone to find between them topics of a common nature in order for the dialogue to develop naturally and you should – as she says – to share information about yourself and focus on the other party to learn more from him.

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She points out that the human being is a “social animal”, and it is first and foremost for us to sense our connection with others, and this means it is necessary to develop our social skills in order to help us reduce psychological stress and improve our sense of our self-worth and well-being.

Of course, making new friends helps us learn new things and look at the world from a different perspective in order to live happily.

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