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Emirati news reports revealed a resounding scandal for the Abu Dhabi government-owned company, Edge, as international human rights organizations are preparing a file to prosecute the company, which was established in 2019, on charges of war crimes.

The Emirates “EDGE” company

Emirates Leaks, in this regard, quoted a human rights source as saying that several regional and international organizations are working on preparing the file for submission to a number of European courts with the authority to prosecute those involved in war crimes.

According to the source, the file includes documents regarding Edge’s involvement in supplying weapons and military equipment to armed militias in Yemen, Libya and the countries of the Horn of Africa.

These Emirati weapons were used to commit war crimes against civilians, according to the source, who confirmed that the Emirati officials of the company will be prosecuted in international forums.

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It is noteworthy that for years the Emirati regime has used the state’s military and financial resources to thwart moves towards democracy and respect for human rights under the guise of fighting Islamist groups.

It is known that Edge was established by the Abu Dhabi government on November 5, 2019, in an attempt to localize advanced technology, especially those related to the defense industries.

EDGE, the UAE defense giant

It describes Edge as the UAE’s defense giant after uniting Abu Dhabi’s most strategically important defense companies. The company consists of five main segments: Platforms and Systems, Missiles and Weapons, Cyber ​​Defense, Warfare, Electronic Intelligence and Mission Support.

In addition, the UAE is facing a series of lawsuits in US and European courts, in an expression of the severity of its position as a pariah state.

The lawsuits include accusations of the UAE and its senior officials committing war crimes, torture and extrajudicial detention.

On July 17, 2020, it was announced that a lawsuit filed by 6 Yemeni citizens before the Supreme Court in Paris against Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed in 2019. They accused Mohammed bin Zayed of complicity in torture in secret prisons supervised by the UAE in Yemen.

UAE recruited mercenaries in Yemen

The aforementioned lawsuit was preceded by a similar lawsuit, with the UAE also being involved in recruiting mercenaries, including French, to carry out assassinations in Yemen.

In March 2019, the Ansel Law Firm, a French law firm specializing in international law, filed a lawsuit in the Paris Court against the UAE and a group of what he called mercenaries, including French, who were recruited to assassinate civilians, activists, politicians and imams in Yemen.

French lawyer Joseph Briham said that after months of collecting evidence proving the UAE’s direct involvement in the recruitment of hundreds of foreign mercenaries.

Including 9 former soldiers, who worked in the French Foreign Legion and some of them hold French citizenship, the case was filed before the Supreme Court in Paris.

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