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The Lebanese actress, Maya Diab, revealed for the first time that she is banned from entering America throughout her life after her name was included on the terrorism list.

“I cannot enter America all my life.”

Maya Diab said while hosting the “The Divination” program presented by the Egyptian media Basma Wahba on “Al Mehwar” channel. “I failed to obtain a visit visa to America from the embassy more than once.”

And Maya Diab continued: “I tried a lot until I got an appointment with the American ambassador, and at that time I was informed that I was accused. With terrorism, I cannot enter America all my life. ”

Maya Diab confirmed that she does not yet know the reason for including her name on the list of terrorism, and who is behind it.

She added, “I am a person against terrorism, and I told the American embassy in Lebanon that I am an artist and I do not practice any work related to terrorism.”

Amy Samir Ghanem is jealous of Maya

Maya Diab talked about the fact that there was a crisis between her and the Egyptian actress Amy Samir Ghanem due to the jealousy of Hassan Al-Raddad, after Maya presented him with a special song.

Maya Diab joked: “Why are you angry at me? I liked to sing to Hassan, and Amy is not jealous, and if I sang to your husband, you will slaughter me? Sacrifice him.

And she continued: “I did not do anything wrong, and I love Amy very much, and she knows me well, and Hassan Al-Raddad is the love of my heart.”

“Reply betrayal with betrayal.”

Maya Diab, Basma Wahba, was shocked by her statement about men when she said: “Most of the men in our Arab world are traitors.

And she continued: “I like to respond to treason with betrayal, but the most difficult thing in the world is for the woman to authorize herself and her watch will feel upset, but the traitorous man must be dealt with in a way that repels betrayal with betrayal.”

And she went on: “If the lady finds out that her husband has betrayed her, she will send him a video that she too is cheating on him or in love with another person, then he will have a heart attack because he does not accept that on his wife.”

Maya Diab demands the execution of Fadel Shaker

Maya Diab launched a sharp attack on her fellow artist, Fadl Shaker, and said: “Fadl Shaker deviated and went to a path other than nature and human beings, being on earth, and he went on a wrong, humiliating and hideous path, and a murderer, Fadl Shaker is a murderer.”

And Maya continued: “Fadl Shaker used to set an example in his sense, and if I were in the place of the judge, I would have sentenced him to death if there was a death sentence in Lebanon.”

Maya Diab continued her attack on Fadl Shaker: “Fadl Shaker did not kill any of my family and relatives, but if the accusations against Fadl Shaker were real, then I will not have the right to forgive because he has harmed many Prime Time Zone, today’s virtue is nothing, and I think that he regrets today, but it is over.” Regret does not help him. “

I will not choose Haifa Wehbe

Maya Diab refused to sing to Haifa Wehbe, confirming that she is not jealous of her, and said: “I am against the comparison with Haifa Wehbe, and I will not choose to sing to Haifa.”

In response to the question, “Is Maya Diab number one among Arab singers?”, She said: “I am not number one, but I am in the first row among Arab singers, and the fame is stairs that we go up, with difficult steps.

Regarding the lust that she fears most between money and fame, Maya Diab said: “I am afraid of using money, fame and power, but I see beauty as a blessing for me and I see that a star creates a star, but fame is not an easy matter, as for power it is the result of money and fame, and I fear my inability to The use of power, fame and money, and the most powerful thing is not to use them. As for greed, it is the transgression of what others have.

Regarding vanity, Maya Diab said: “I am the most distant person from vanity, but my appearance may give Prime Time Zone the perception that I am arrogant.”


Basma Wahba had revealed a picture from the scenes of her Ramadan program “The Divination”, where she appeared in the picture wearing a price of more than $ 100,000, from the international fashion houses Senku from inside the program’s decor.

Basma Wahba wrote on it: “Wait for me on the first day of Ramadan, right after breakfast, me and the fortune teller on Al Mehwar TV.”

It is worth noting that the “Al-Sira” program is an extension of the Basma Wahba Ramadan programs, which depend on uncovering the finest details of the stars and their secrets and showing them the other side.

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