“I didn’t know that the camera was working.” A Canadian MP appears naked during an official meeting! | A nation is tweeting out of tune


Canadian parliamentarian, William Amos, was embarrassed during a hypothetical meeting of members of the House of Commons of Parliament of Canada.

Naked between the flags of Canada and Quebec

Representative William Amos, who has represented the House of Commons since 2015 for the municipality of Pontiac, Quebec, in Quebec, appeared naked during the meeting, as appeared in the photo reported by Canadian media.

During a videoconference last Wednesday, Amos appeared completely naked, standing between the flags of Canada and Quebec.

His colleague, a prominent member of the Quebec bloc, Claude Debeleville, drew attention to the matter, and said during the meeting: “Perhaps members of Parliament, especially male ones, should be reminded of the necessity to wear a tie and a jacket, as well as a shirt and trousers.”

It was just a mistake

Amos gave an official apology for the accident at a later time, and said in a statement he posted: “It was an unfortunate mistake. I did not know that the camera was still working when I intended to put on my work clothes and change my sports clothes after running.”

And Amos continued: “I sincerely apologize to my colleagues in the House of Commons for this unintended mistake, it is clear that it was just a mistake and will never be repeated.”

Last June, a similar incident occurred when Luke Flanagan, the Irish representative in the European Parliament, appeared almost naked during an online session of a parliamentary committee.

Near Naked Irish Vice

In the video that was circulated, Flanagan appeared sitting on a bed wearing a black shirt only, while his lower body was completely naked, and he did not stop fumbling on his bare legs.

Flanagan, who belongs to the leftist European Unionist group of green leftists of the North, spoke about the economic problems that farmers suffer in his country, while the laughter of translators who did not control themselves is heard in front of this scene.

The strangest thing is that Flanagan justified what happened, that he wore a T-shirt two minutes before the start of the meeting, but decided at the last minute to wear a shirt in order to appear as a respectable man.

French Minister of Education in an unenviable position

The French Minister of Education, Jean-Michel Blanche, was also exposed to an embarrassing situation due to the repercussions of working from home, which the Corona pandemic imposed on the whole world.

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The Minister of Education, Blanquet, appeared in the video circulating at the time during a televised intervention on a newscast, via the “Video Call” feature, wearing a formal suit, and then a clear sound of gases was heard, which confused the minister whose hand moved, and the camera shook to expose the hidden and put him in an unenviable position. .

It turned out that Minister Blanquet was sitting on the toilet, relieving himself during the meeting, and not wearing the lower part of his clothes.

Embarrassing situations in virtual meetings

Florida state TV reporter, Jessica Lang, was speaking on camera when her father appeared topless while trying to put on his shirt.
The daughter was furious at her father’s behavior, and said, “My father. Oh my God ”(what have I done?).

In a video circulating on “YouTube”, the media Prime Time Zone appeared in embarrassing situations after their children appeared in front of the cameras and made several funny movements, after the Corona virus forced humanity to social distancing and impose laws to work remotely, which contributed to the occurrence of many embarrassing situations as a result of virtual meetings.

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