(I promise you to do everything) … Biden addresses Rachida Talib: I hope your grandmother in the West Bank is well | A nation is tweeting out of tune


US President Joe Biden expressed his sympathy to the grandmother of the Muslim Representative in Congress of Palestinian origin, Rashid Tlaib, wishing that her grandmother who lives in the West Bank will be well due to the developments in Palestine.

“You always shed tears in Congress … I pray to God that your grandmother and your family are well, I promise you to do everything to see that they are so in the West Bank, you are a fighter really, and thank you for being a fighter,” the US President said during a speech in Dearborn. .

Rashida Tlaib crying for the children of Palestine

Rashida Tlaib cried during her review of the crimes of the Israeli occupation forces in the Gaza Strip in front of US Congressmen.

Rashida Tlaib appeared wearing a Palestinian keffiyeh and said in a touching speech displaying a series of pictures of events in Gaza: (When I see the destruction in the video clips coming from Palestine, the extent of fear and terror there is revealed, “and she asked:” How many Palestinians must die for their lives to be important !? ).

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“I will read to you what Iman said from Gaza two days ago,” the Muslim representative of Palestinian origin added.

And she said, “Tonight I put my children to sleep so that we can die together, so that none of us will be sad about losing the other.” I was truly shocked by what she said, because my country’s funding of Israel will prevent this woman and her children from living in safety without fear, psychological injury or violence.

“We should put conditions on our aid to Israel, and we should end the apartheid regime without any hesitation, because doing the opposite led to depriving millions of refugees of their rights and encouraging the State of Israel to reinforce its racial discrimination,” she added.

Rachida Tlaib added, “I stand before you today not only as a member of Congress, but as the proud daughter of Palestinian immigrants and the granddaughter of a wonderful grandmother who lives in the occupied Palestinian territories).

And she continued: (I also grew up in a beautiful place where many blacks live: Detroit, from which the civil rights movement was launched, so I cannot stand silent while I see injustice spreading and the truth obscured)

Tlaib assured that the Palestinians will not go anywhere else regardless of the money that the US government sends to the apartheid government in Israel.

She said that the statements of President Joe Biden’s administration do not include any indication of Palestinian suffering or the Al-Aqsa Mosque, and that the US State Department refused to condemn the killing of Palestinian children.

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