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The Egyptian actress, Yasmine Abdelaziz, shared her first pictures from the hospital in Switzerland, where she is receiving treatment, accompanied by a message to her fans.

(I saw death)

Yasmine Abdel Aziz published the photos through her account on (Instagram), and appeared in the hospital bed, taking care not to reveal her face.

And in the text of her message: (Egypt and the Arab world miss me very much, thank God I stayed well and recovered, thank God I want you to be reassured, despite all the hardships that I went through in my last crisis, but your question and support was the one that made it easier for me all the moments that I came back to).

And Yasmine continued: (It is enough for me to tell you that I really saw death and it was very close .. But thanks to God and thanks to your beautiful and pure prayers and thanks to your standing beside me with your heart and with your love and good intentions, our Lord answered your prayers, and our Lord honored me, and I passed the ordeal on the good, praise be to God).
And the Egyptian artist concluded: (A very little word of thanks to you and to your love. I love you very much. It is true that I am unable to return you all the love and all the support that I have received from you … Thanks to our Lord and thanks to my dear audience in Egypt and the Arab world).

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This is Yasmine’s first comment since her health crisis, especially since the rumor of her death topped the social networking sites only a few days ago, which prompted her brother, artist Wael Abdel Aziz, to reveal the details.

Wael said at the time that his sister Yasmine Abdel Aziz’s condition is currently stable and recovering, and that her husband, artist Ahmed Al-Awadi, traveled to her to follow up on her treatment.

And Wael added, during a phone call to the program (The Story), which is presented by the media, Amr Adib, on the satellite channel (MBC Egypt): (She is recovering, but she needs time, and God willing, she will return soon. She is fine, and God willing, she will return to her job and home soon.

And about the date of her return, Yasmine’s brother said: (I can’t decide if my nation will return, she will return whenever she feels that she is completely fine and her psyche is better. Needs a little more detail).

Wael had previously published a picture of Yasmine Abdelaziz through his accounts on social media, and commented: (Yasmine is fine, thank God, and she will return soon to her home and work, and the news of her death is a low rumor, may God make my day before her day).

Al-Awadi: (not missing out)

Ahmed Al-Awadi previously denied the rumors that spread strongly about his separation from Yasmine Abdel Aziz.

Ahmed Al-Awadi responded to Ayman Nour El-Din’s publication on his Facebook account, which published the news of their separation, saying: (And the Prophet, Ayman, is the hero of God, may God be pleased with you…

Nour El-Din replied, “I did not go away, Ahmed. I am confident in every word in the article, and in all cases, I wish Yasmine’s recovery and the reform of all conditions.”

Al-Awadi continued his responses in another comment, directing his speech to the Egyptian media: (No, the one who told you laughed at you.. Yasmine is still my wife, and there is not a quarter of a correct word from what you said, and what you say is not true, and you do not put poison in honey).

(Pastor of the psyche and fatigue of Yasmine)

He explained: (So that I did not wrong you or the one who told you laughed at you, if he told you, I would be sure to speak after that, and if you are the one who guesses, I am saying you are wrong).

Wael Abdel Aziz, brother of Yasmine Abdel Aziz, responded to the same media, saying: (Pastor of Yasmine’s fatigue and psychology, please).

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Noureddine, the editor-in-chief of Intime, had published an article, in which he hinted at the separation of Al-Awadi and Yasmine, especially since the former did not accompany his wife on her treatment journey in Switzerland.

Noureddine claimed that when Yasmine left Maadi Hospital, she went to the villa in which her children lived, contrary to what was expected that she would go to the marital apartment with Al-Awadi, and this confirmed the existence of differences between them, according to the text of the article.

Al-Awadi did not travel with his wife!

Ahmed Al-Awadi had revealed the reason for not traveling with Yasmine during the period of completing her treatment in Switzerland, stressing that he had to be in Egypt because he did not obtain an entry visa to this European country.

Yasmine left weeks ago on an equipped ambulance plane to Geneva, Switzerland, to complete her treatment in a hospital, after her condition deteriorated due to a medical error.

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