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Swedish star Zlatan Ibrahimovic, AC Milan striker, has raised the controversy over the competition for the Golden Ball as the best player in the world of round football, and that Ronaldo and Messi are no different from him in anything but titles.

Ibrahimovic and the Ballon d’Or

Ibrahimovic said, in statements to the French magazine France Football, after being asked about his loss of the Ballon d’Or, saying: “No, on the contrary, the Golden Ball is the one who misses me.”

Ibrahimovic added, “Messi and Ronaldo dominate the Golden Ball, as if we talk about the essential quality in terms of performance and football skill, they have no more quality than me, and if we take the titles into account, then yes, I did not win the European champions.”

Ibrahimovic and return after injury

He added, “I do not know the criteria they use to determine the winner of the Ballon d’Or, because I am not obsessed with it, and when you work collectively, the individual inevitably benefits from this matter, and the individual cannot work well if the team is not solid,” he added. I think I am the best in the world.”

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Ibrahimovic is scheduled to play his first match in the Italian league competition, “Calcio”, against his counterpart Lazio, after missing the European Nations Cup “Euro 2020” after suffering a knee injury.

At the end of last season, the Italian Milan team renewed its contract with the Swedish star Ibrahimovic for another season, in light of the brilliance that the player enjoys on the field despite his advanced age, as he is 40 years old.

Lazio leads the standings with 6 points, equal to Inter Milan, Rome, Milan and Napoli, respectively, with the same balance of points.

In sixth place, the Udinese team came with 4 points, equal to the seventh and eighth places, Bologna, Sassuolo and Atalanta with the same balance of points.

As for the tenth position, Fiorentina came with 3 points, during the Italian league competitions for the current season.

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