Ilham Shaheen, her father died when he was not satisfied with her .. and she admits how her parents’ lives have been destroyed A nation is tweeting out of tune


The Egyptian actress, Elham Shaheen, revealed her relationship with her father, who was rejecting the idea of ​​her entering the field of art and acting, noting that her enrollment in the Film Institute was the opposite of her father’s desire.

Elham Shaheen said, according to what Watan monitored: “When I informed my father of my decision to join the Higher Institute for Dramatic Arts, he refused, but I convinced him that I would become a director and not an actress.”

Elham Shaheen ruined the life of her father and mother

And Elham Shaheen indicated during her meeting with the media Wafaa Al Kilani within the program “Biography on DMC channel, that the step” was a cause of ruining the life of her mother and father.

She said that she was shooting a movie and did not tell him and convinced him that she would go to the institute, until she had to travel to Alexandria to shoot. And her father knew her time and refused it.

According to Shaheen, she was determined to go, and her mother decided to travel with her and not leave her because she was 17 years old, so her father got angry and left them.

The Egyptian actress added that her father went, married and had a son. But she did not know anything about him and when she met him, she felt that he was a stranger to her.

She explained: “He did not divorce her mother and he used to visit them from time to time.”

Her father collected her scratchy scenes

About her confrontation with him, she said that one day she called him and told him that she would visit him, and after what she went to: “He got up and turned on the TV. He had collected some scenes of her wearing swimsuits and pajamas. And he said to her, “I am eclipsed by you.”

Elham confirmed that she was hoping that her father would forgive her, and she wished that he would say this word to her before his death, because she loved him so much and took a lot from his personality.

She added, “But this did not happen, and he did not tell her until he died, and she continued:” He passed away and he was not satisfied with me. “

A slap in the face, Ilham Shaheen

In a related context, Elham Shaheen said that director Jalal Al-Sharqawi slapped her on the face because of her insulting action.

She said, “Jalal Al-Sharqawi was the dean of the institute at the time, and he believed in me and made me the hero of his group, but I did not like him to control anyone or my personal affairs.”

And she continued: “What happened was that Magda Zaki and I were friends and at one time I knew Ashraf Zaki through them. One day, Ashraf came to the theater for the sake of his friend, artist Ahmed Siyam. I looked at him and we sat together in my room.

Actress Elham Shaheen is waiting for the show of the story “Hata Mina” within the stories of the series “Zay Al Qamar” produced by United Media Services and Maha Selim.

It is from a famous script and dialogue, Salam, and directed by Hussam Ali, and Ahmed Wafiq, Enas Kamel, Nihal Anbar, Sarah Al-Shami, along with Elham Shaheen, participate in the story. Hanan Suleiman, Moamen Nour, and a number of other young artists.

The cbc channel announced the beginning of the show of the episodes of the story “Hata Mona” by star Ilham Shaheen, which is the first stories of the series “Zay Al Qamar.” On Saturday, March 20, at 8 pm.

The channel presented Promo the story and revealed the nature of the events that take place in a social context around women’s issues that Elham Shaheen prefers to present, whether in cinema or drama.

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